The Tides are a'changin!  

Slicknsweet22 37F
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3/12/2006 4:03 pm

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The Tides are a'changin!

So, I'm sitting here, just watched a commercial for Medical Weight Loss Clinics. Thinking about calling them. I've come to the conclusion that I need to do something different with my life. I've got to make some positive changes in order to get what I want. The first is my weight. Its been a big issue for me for the last 14 years, and its time to grab the bull by the horns so to speak. I'd like to be able to look down and see something besides my chest. Granted, I know I'm a beautiful person as I am, but lets face it, God didn't make me this way, I did. I'm fat because I am an emotional eater, and as you all can tell from my blog posts, it hasn't been an easy few weeks for me emotionally. But I'm sick of using that as a crutch. Its time for ME to take a stand and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" I'm curios if anyone who reads this can give any advice as to the best way to go about this. Obesity is a serious problem here in the US, and I'm sick of being another statistic. I'd like to be able to chase after my nephews without being winded. I'd like to be able to go out on a date and feel sexy because I look sexy. Hell, I'd like to be able to shop at the stores with my friends and feel like I fit in for once. So basically I'm asking all you bloggers out there for some advice, or maybe some inspirational words as I start this new phase in my life.

DebbieDoes6969 56F
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3/15/2006 6:40 pm

I went thru the bariatric surgery in 2001, I lost over 165 pounds which was cool, but have put back on about half of that over the years. It was a big ordeal and is a major surgery, though I understand they have a less invasive laser surgery but I don't know much about that. I had a problem with not being happy with myself whether I was thinner or heavier. So I dealt with those problems and can say I am happy with me, no matter the weight. I did take on some health problems, low sugar, low B12, tiredness and other problems due to the surgery. I do know of a women who was in a coma for over 3 months after her surgery and another who actually was told she would die because of complications to the surgery. Now that is rare, but a person needs to know. Both women are on disability, unable to work. Would I do it over again....gosh I really don't know. I don't regret it because it was something I needed to do at that time in my life. I took back my old eating habits, when I am at work, though at home I hardly eat. Ah stress! lol Hope the information has helped you. Please if you have any question, would be more than happy to answer if possible. Take Care...and from where I sit your body looks very sexy!

Slicknsweet22 37F

3/15/2006 7:16 pm


Thanks for your help. Bariatric/Gastric Bypass is a last resort for me. I want to try to give myself a chance to make the changes necessary, and if they won't work, then I will do the surgery if I have too. I'm sorry to hear that you had friends who've suffered. My best friends mom is 5'0, and 247lbs. She is scheduled for Bypass next month. She has a butt load of health problems already, so her doctors are urging her to give the Gastric Bypass a try. Hoping all goes well for her. Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for the info, and the compliment. Your a sweetheart

iwantpussy188824 36M

11/8/2006 8:29 am

Everyone's body composition changes over the course of a lifetime. I lost weight years ago and became more fit. Only advice I can give is to do it, and ot be commited to it. I have 2 obese sister's who could care les about their weight. In my opinion diet and exercise are the key(exercise could be lots of sex lol). All the diet ad stuff is BS. What would be good is to keep a log of what you eat for a week it will give you an idea of your calorie intake. It's considered that 2000 calories is a good amount to take in, in a day. I did the log for health class and I found on average I took in less than 2000 a day. You can cut certain things out of your diet as well such as soft drinks those make a big difference, say good bye to fast food. Try to avoid eating out very often, cook for yourself. Read labels on all foods, add in more vegtables and fruits into your diet. Cut back on what you put on your food. Drink more water, speeds the metabolism up, I think the calculation is your weight divided by 2= the ounces of water you should consume in a day. When it comes to exercise really good advice would be get a friend to exercise with you motivate each other. Cardio exercise and strength training and flexibility training will do the trick. Treadmill, eliptical machine, and or exercise bike. I would say 3 days of cardio and 2 of strength and flexibility. If you have the money you may even consider joining a gym and meeting a trainer there everyday. A trainer could put you on a specific exercise plan and push you.

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