Holy Smokes, Batman!  

Slicknsweet22 37F
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4/3/2006 8:09 pm
Holy Smokes, Batman!

Oh my God, Slick is drooling over the guy I met this weekend. Walking, Talking, Drooling Sex Guy. Looked better than any man had a right to at five o'clock in the morning, thats for sure. 6 Feet of rock solid Italian Male. Ooh, makes me quiver just thinking about him. So, you might be asking yourself 1.) Wipe up your drool Slick, 2.) Why are you writing about this?? Well, cus I am proud of myself. In keeping to my stupid celebacy promise, I actually turned Mr. TDH down! Not an easy feat when you have breathing sex whispering Lord know's what in your ear in Italian. I mean, seriously, what woman can resist a guy who can whisper in your ear in Italian? I did, and it was literally the hardest thing I've ever had to do. So now what, you might ask. I have no idea. Will I see him again, I sure hope so, but then it comes down to will I be able to resist him a second time? Whats the old saying. . .oh yeah, "Play with fire, and your going to get burned" Someone better call 911, cus I'm pretty sure after the next time I see him, I'm going to have third degree burns, but I'll love every minute of it

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