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The Cafe

*Yet another tantalizing tale*

My eyes catch sight of you sitting alone at a table in the sidewalk cafe. I watch you a moment from the shadows, my emerald eyes filling with amusement as I see you look up the sidewalk one way then the other, obviously wondering where in the blazes I am. A soft chuckle escapes me then I step from behind the tree and I see your eyes widen as you watch me approach.
The distinct click of my heels upon the warm concrete of the sidewalk fills my ears as I smile with love at you. The white blouse I wear flutters in the warm breeze, the cuffs of the shirt long and lacy while the neckline scoops low to reveal the swell of my breasts. Tying in the front my stomach shows, the belly chain winks golden at you in the sunlight. The hip hugging short skirt flows gently with my movements as I reach your table, I can feel other eyes upon me but my attention is riveted to you.
Rising you take my hand, pressing a kiss to the palm then gently leading me to sit beside you. Your eyes have a hard time remaining on mine as I sit, crossing my legs and the skirt rises high upon my thighs.
The waiter appears suddenly and asks about a drink for the lady, you look to me and I nod as you know what I like. You order me a zinfandel wine then turn your attentions to me once again.
My hand lays a top yours as it rests upon the table, my fingers stroking your knuckles then I scoot my chair closer to you. We talk about this and that, my drink arrives and I sip as we continue to talk. I see your eyes straying to the hint of clevage I show, then to the side of my thigh that is next to your leg. Squeezing your hand I lean over to you, my lips a scant inch from your ear. "I have no bra nor panties on, tis too hot dont you think?" My warm breath brushes over your ear, my voice a soft purr of sensual promise.
I hear your intake of breath at my not so subtle announcement and I smile as I lean back in my chair, uncrossing my legs. A tremor washes over me at the feel of the cool air upon the smooth skin of my womanhood and I notice your eyes drop down. Smiling I non challantly shift, a flash of pink is shown to you and I lean towards you again, this time your eyes are drawn to my breasts. I press a kiss to your lips, your hand slides over my cheek and your voice is soft with desire and playfulness telling me what a tease I am.
Then you notice from your vantage point, with me leaned over to you that you can see down my shirt quite well. My nipples are hard with excitement and you sigh softly, the hand upon my cheek sliding into my hair then threading there tightly.
I can feel the heat radiate off you and I wink conspiratorily. "I have a surprise for you, want to go see?" My voice is low with mischief in the tone.
Your eyes widen, then you nod not saying a word and I wonder if the silence is because of the constriction of your throat by all this or being stunned at my boldness. I kiss you slowly, then rise from the chair sliding my lips from yours in a fluid motion. Holding out my hand to you I smile as you put yours in mine and we begin to walk down the street.
I feel your arm slip about my waist, pulling me possessively against your side. Smiling I lead you into a very fancy hotel and then lead you through the plush lobby to the bank of gleaming golden elevators. One opens, then we step in, all alone I press the button for the 20th floor and lean against the mirrored walls smiling at you.
You press me to the wall with a heated kiss,one hand sliding over the curve of my hip then the other sliding between my legs. I moan softly as your hands ignite my passions higher, I writhe against you and shudder as a finger slides through my heat. I feel you tremble against me, and whisper to me how incredibly wet I am. I whisper back, "Yes...mlove...tis for you...all of me.." Your lips trail heated kisses over the tops of my breasts, as the finger dips and teases my clit.
The doors open suddenly and we jump a bit, I see some people waiting to go down and we blush. Stepping out of the elevator I adjust my top and look back to see one of the men staring. I laugh softly slipping an arm about you, pressing close.
I slide the door card in and I nod for you to enter first. I follow watching your reaction to what I have prepared for us this eve.
The room is dimly lit, rose incense is all about and some soft jazz music is playing. Unlit candles are everywhere, when you reach the bed you spy a white satin robe there and my arms slip about you. "Please mlove...go into the bathroom, undress completely and put this on." Your lips capture mine in a heated kiss and you smile with deisre as you scoop up the robe going to the bathroom quickly.
I then go about the room lighting the candles, turning off the lights then I slip from my clothes and go settle upon the bed.
My eyes watch your every move as you emerge from the bathroom, your hair so sexy and dark against the white of the robe and I smiles seductively as your eyes rivet to me with an intensity that makes my skin tingle.
I kneel in the middle of the bed, my body nude except for the gold belly chain attached to a loop in my bellybutton. My hands rest upon my spread thighs and I smile at you. "Come to me mlove...let me please you." My voice has a sultry quality that has an effect upon you,and I am even surpsied at the tone I have. Moving to me I can see the outline of your arousal through the material of the robe and I shiver with anticipation.
You kneel before me on the bed, hands sliding over my arms eyes locked upon mine then we kiss. Our lips meet in a kiss of love, of souls touching and my hands slide into your hair. Hands explore one another slowly, as if getting to know one another again after a long absence. One hand of mine slips from the silky hair to tug at the tie of the robe. It comes loose , my hand slides over your taunt stomach and I feel you shiver at my touch.
My lips slide slowly from yours as I trail kisses over your throat, then down your chest. My teeth gently capture one nipple and I suckle there amoment feeling you shudder agianst me. I turn my attentions to the other nipple, nipping at it and suckling there. Your hands roam my shoulders, thread through my hair with an insenstience.
Lifting my eyes to yours I push you back, bidding you to lay down. You do as I wish then I hear you moan as my tongue slides over your belly button. I quiver at the sound as my hand wraps about your arousal, so hard and throbbing with need.
I close my eyes as I slide my silken cheek over the warm smooth skin of your manhood. I then slide my other cheek along its satiny length, then I press a kiss to the head. Feeling you jump I stroke you slowly, my tongue tasting the precum upon the tip. My tongue swirls about the head, then down one side to the balls where I place some kisses, then a slow lick over them. The shuddering I feel from you sends me into a heat I have not known. I take you fully into my mouth, suckling you deep and moveing my hand upon you, stroking you with the movements of my mouth.
Your hands are tight in my hair now, I can hear you panting with the delicious sensations I create. I want you to lose control, I ache to feel you drag me up and crush kisses to my lips, to feel you press me into the bed, your manhood sliding deeply into me.
Suddenly your hands tug at me, I hear your hoarse whispers to stop, that you need me now, please. Lifting my eyes to yours I can see the aching need that mirrors my own. I feel you tug me upwards and I go easily, then you slip from under me to press me into the bed with wild savage kisses. I moan softly with the desire for you that rushes over me then I can feel your manhood pressing to my aching heat. You whisper to me how hot I am as you slide into my heat, and my breath is taken away at the swiftness with how you take me. My arms go about you, I press to you whimpering with the exqusite sensations you create as you push hard and fast into me. I meet every thrust with a lifing of my hips, your lips are pressed to my neck and I moan as you nip at my skin. Shivers of sweet pain from the nips upon my neck rush over me as I move with your thrusts the release rising up quickly. I feel you tense, then lift your head to cry out as your orgasm slams into you with a savageness. My nails dig into you as the feel of your release filling me with its heat sends me over the edge.
The sensations we feel mix together, we both tremble against one another feeling the wildness of one another, the love and the sweet tremors washing over us. I whisper over and over how I love you and I hear you saying the same into my ear with a strained voice.
Soon we slow, the shivers still washing over us and you lift your head from my neck, our eyes meet and something passes between us, something deep that can not be explained. Our lips meet in a soft, loving kiss then you roll to your side taking me with you, to snuggle together in the candle light.

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very nice i look forward to reading more....

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