What a morning  

AstirRelicLatah 66M
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8/22/2006 12:33 pm

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8/24/2006 7:25 am

What a morning

I managed to get myself back on my bike this morning and take a nice ride as the sun was coming up. What a treat it is to live in my little corner of the world. The grass was still wet from last nights dew and it was nice and chilly. I knew that as I rode the temperature would rise as the sun came up.

Today was a gentle ride which allows my mind to wander. I first started to think about my post from yesterday and came to the conclusion that I’ve been a little whiny about my son and his service. I probably should stop that. If I want to use his service as an excuse to rant, I should skip the excuse and just rant. So, I think in the future I’ll start doing that.

I then thought about a wonderful phone call I had yesterday and the pleasure that it brought me. I also spent some time thinking about how lucky I am to live where I live and be able to establish acquaintances and friendships with people from all over the world. My mind also wandered into the comments I’ve been receiving from my writing.

I person I’ve been corresponding with commented that I must feel really good about the quality of the comments that I get from my posts. Not only do I feel great about the comments, but thankful for the time and thoughtfulness that goes into the responses that are left. Many of them are way better than my original writing and allow me to process the topic of the day to a much deeper level. I am very thankful for this gift.

These thoughts took all of ten or fifteen minutes. My brain and inner conversations were very busy this morning.

I also started to think about a couple of conversations I’ve recently had about business formation and money issues. I feel blessed that solving problems comes easy to me. When someone presents an outcome they would like to achieve, the answer just seems to pop out of my head. The advice is not always taken, but having the gift of being able to easily come up with answers is something I enjoy. I have no idea where the ability for this comes from, but I do enjoy having it. (Actually it might have something to do with the book a week habit I’ve had for thirty years.)

I wrote a blog entry several weeks ago I titled “Cycling in lieu of sex” and decided that it wasn’t a good substitute, but still a great activity. There really isn’t a good substitute for connected sexual communication; the real thing is what’s important.

Finally, my mind went silent and for twenty minutes I had the opportunity to just enjoy the scenery, the ride, the rhythm and the feeling of being outside on a glorious morning. Being in Vermont, there won’t be that many other mornings left that have this level of perfection, so I am grateful I made myself go outside and enjoy the day before my ride.

So, I’m curious as to how you treat yourself to some special time before the day gets started. If you don’t I highly encourage it. The day starts off much better that way….Almost as good as good morning snuggle….Hope your day has been as good as mine. Thanks.

rm_shannee2006 53F
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8/22/2006 2:31 pm

What a wonderful start to a day. Makes me wish I could keep up with you to go with...

I love a clear sunny day no matter what time of the year it is because I have a bunch of prisms in my room. They spread rainbows everywhere and so I watch the sun rise indirectly by watching the rainbows move around the room for an hour as I lay in bed and meditate, breath, or kiss my husband along with a morning cuddle. I call these my rainbow days. Wonderful.

Another thing I do is write in the morning. I love to do that. Some days I get up and the blog is written. Some days I get up, get my journal and write...and some days I'll stare at a blank page or a blank screen and just wait with my hands poised for the words to lift up out of the center of my being...and when they do...well I feel magic rising in me. That's a good way to start my day.

I often rise early and walk with my husband too. We have been conditioning for our mountain hiking, so it's been enjoyable to get up and work up a sweat before breakfast...and I love getting my husband to walk with me. We have a ritual that we do with or without each other. We imagine to ourselves what we are walking toward...as in we use the motion of the walk to find solutions, to make magic for achieving our dreams and to call resources to ourselves. Another terrific start to a day.

Nice post.

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


AstirRelicLatah replies on 8/23/2006 5:35 am:
I like the image of walking towards...It gives a sense of flow to movement. That would also be a nice way to start the day.

rm_aWench4U 62M/62F
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8/22/2006 5:45 pm

I am not a morning person, so as often as not of late, I'm just going to bed as the sun comes up. Sunday morning I had some thinking I needed to do before I would be able to sleep, so I went for a walk. I live 400 feet from where the road ends, at the bottom of two hills, each a mile long. At the crest of the first hill is a dirt road off to east that goes on forever. I only went another half mile to "my" boulder, where I could sit and watch the sun come up over Mt. Rainier. It was an absolutely glorious sight. My only regret is that I forgot my camera!

Other days when I get up to start my day, I check the Blogs I watch, and comment if the post strikes a chord with me. Then I try to do some writing of my own, sometimes inspired by a post, sometimes by something I read recently. Sometimes that writing turns into a Blog post, sometimes it remains a part of my Contemplation file. Either way, I usually feel cleansed and ready to start the day.

One other morning habit I have is chatting with a dear friend of mine in Memphis. Today we chatted for over two and a half hours which is much longer than usual for us. He was rather down, which is very unlike him, so I probed and he explained why. As he did, I thought of you, Skier.

You see, his only son is 22, and in the Army. He was on Prisoner Escort Duty in the Middle East for a while, but now is stationed state side, with less than a year and a half lefton his committment. He went home for leave two weeks ago, and was to report back by midnight Sunday, but decided not to do so. My friend explained that's called desertion, and it will screw up his son's life but good. The son won't explain why he won't go back, won't tell my friend where he is staying, and won't listen to anyone who tries to tell him he's only making a bad thing worse. My heart was breaking for my friend.

Throughout the conversation, I thought of you. As much as you disagree with your son's choice, I'm sure you don't want him to do something stupid like my friend's son is doing. I just thought I'd share another scenario with you, so that you'd be reminded that it could be worse! Take care my friend.

Remember the past but do not dwell there.
Face the future where all our hopes stand.


AstirRelicLatah replies on 8/23/2006 5:39 am:
It could always be much worse. Hopefully the Army will just decide your friends son is not the type they want and discharge him. I understand they've been doing that more and more recently. I guess they don't want more bad publicity to hurt their recruiting chances...So, with some luck, your friends son will just be discharged...The other problem with what's left on your commitment doesn't really matter anymore. The Army and Marines are extending commitments, it's a draft after the fact...Once you're in, your in...Hope your friends son is able to deal with his demons.

rm_songbird5419 63F
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8/23/2006 6:16 am

My cat gets me awake...he seems to know when it's time for me to stop sleeping! I get whiskers in my nose and sometimes a lick on my fingers! He has a very soft coat of very long hair and when I reach out to pet him he just curls up next to me...or ON me...and purrs. There's nothing quite so comforting and peaceful as a cat's purr. He walks me out to the kitchen so I can make coffee and, of course, get his breakfast!! That's usually the way my days begin. Depending on the hour he decides I should be awake, I often walk down to the harbor to watch the sunrise over the Neck. Now and then I take my camera and if I get lucky...I can get some really amazing pictures to enjoy along with my coffee on those rainy days when the sun doesn't show itself. I love my little seaside town and it's particularly beautiful in the morning. I am blessed to live here.

If you are strong and push through the pain and the fear, you often find that happiness is waiting for you on the other side.

AstirRelicLatah replies on 8/23/2006 6:54 am:
We have puppies who like to lick and they have absolutely no sense of space. *grin* Walking down to the water with mist rising in the morning is a very nice vision. Thanks for sharing it.

wickedeasy 68F  
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8/24/2006 6:54 am

i wake up at 4:30, meditate for about an hour, shower and am on my way to work by 6:30 latest. meditation gives me a way to process my dream life as well as the "stuff" that continues to poke at me from the day(s) before. my drive lasts about 40 minutes, no i am watching for the beginnings of the leaf changes -smiles - and i have a ritual fantasy for 20 minutes once i'm off 95.

on days without work, i meditate (sometimes a group walking meditation) as the sun rises - i love this - there is often a tai chi group in the park - the energy is wonderful

and psssssssssssst - bikes hurt my butt

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

AstirRelicLatah replies on 8/24/2006 7:25 am:
PSSST....get good riding shorts...I'm glad you're back..was getting worried....I used to a terrible morning person...I'm starting to learn to appreciate easing into the day...I love the idea of sharing energy..Thanks.

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