Jamming through life  

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7/20/2006 3:29 pm

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Jamming through life

This has been a summer of music that has been better than anything I’ve seen in the last twenty-five years. Seeing bands play music that takes you to another planet. You close your eyes and find yourself transported. Transported to a different plane where you have feelings, thoughts and movement you hadn’t felt for years.

You remember back to the time years and years ago where the magic happened on a regular basis. The musicians got older, a little bored and started being predictable in their playing. Jam bands aren’t supposed to be predictable, but you keep going, hoping the magic returns.

Some members die, others decide to stop playing. The bass player gets a new liver and lease on life. He finds musicians that re-find the magic. The old songs magically get new life, what a treat. A Morning Dew that’s to die for. Uncle John’s Band appears in a form never heard before. Joan singing with multi-colored tones that bring tears to my eyes.

There’s a reason I kept going. This summer was the payoff. Music played this well needs to be bottled. But, you can’t bottle Jam Bands, they need to create, live, grow and be different every night.

Phil, thanks for the tour. Joan, thanks for showing the world you are the best blues singer since Janice. Barry, sorry you didn’t play guitar, but the peddle steel work was great. Larry, having new energy brought into old songs was a real treat. Rob, your playing keeps getting better and better.

As I listen to the concert tapes, I see the lighting changes and feel the crowd. What a treat. Phil and Friends made my summer. I hope they made some of yours also.

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