Blogging as journal writing  

AstirRelicLatah 66M
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7/23/2006 9:55 am

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Blogging as journal writing

Years ago I kept a journal. For about four years I made entries on a regular basis. Then, the number of entries kept dropping. I don’t know, maybe I was getting bored just talking to myself.

In the past two weeks I’ve discovered blogging. It feels a lot like journal writing only better. I’ve been getting a chance to visit some new people, tell some true stories that have been dying to get out and gotten some nice feedback. I appreciate it.

I also have been allowing my imagination move in directions and to areas I’ve blocked off until just recently. It feels good allowing my thoughts to go anywhere they take me. It’s even better to do it with no or at least little guilt.

Two weeks ago I put up my first post. During that time I’ve read some fascinating posts from this community. I’m blown away by some of the quality writing that I’ve read. Also, the intelligence is inspiring. Not only about sex, but about the world in general.

I’m excited to read about what turns us on. I’m thankful that I’m finding and have found some who are soul mates. Making strong and positive connections is helping me feel better about life.

With my son going off to Iraq, I needed to feel connected. This world of the blog is helping me do so. I’m not sure why, but taking a few minutes a day to write my thoughts is helping me focus on what’s important.

Just out of curiosity. What does blogging do for you? Are there better ways to express yourself and if so, what are they?

Thanks for reading.

druidrocker 63F

7/23/2006 12:37 pm

Never kept a journal - I was too afraid to take the chance somebody might find out how weird I am. This is my first experience at blogging and I only did it at the urging of a follow blogger (vrec_dawn) who I have become good friends with. What does it give me - an outlet for some random thoughts that I would like to share - the reason for wanting to share are varied - validation comes to mind, information that might help somebody is another and just reaching out to other humans - here connections are easily achieved in this busy cold world - a safe simple place to "speak" my mind. The circumstances are not what I would have expected but the sincere response is comforting - this "blogland" is a good place, populated by a lot of good people.

Sorry to hear about the circumstances your son is in - I will keep him in my thoughts and pray for his safety.

AstirRelicLatah replies on 7/23/2006 4:03 pm:
I'm amazed at how safe I feel on this site. I'm sure there are some bad people, but my experience so far has been pretty darned good. Your reasons for blogging are similar to mine.

Thanks for stopping by.

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