Her First Black man part II  

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7/21/2005 10:04 am

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Her First Black man part II

When her breathing returned to normal, I slowly started in on her again. Kissing her thighs, brushing my lips across her clit.
I then started kissing it with little pecks, which made her wiggle a little. massaging her butt with both hands, I slowly dived back in and began sucking it.
"Oh my God" she breathed as she settled in to enjoy the sensations of me still eating her pussy. Her hands on my shoulders, massaging them. She held my head and crossed one leg over my back. It didn't take long to bring her to orgasm again. After she came she lay there with her eyes closed and all of her limbs outstretched.
"No one's ever done that to me before" she said.
"Just kept going like that."
I slid the rubber on my throbbing dick.
"Really?" I leaned forward and kissed her as I teased her opening.
"Oh my God, what are you doing to me?" she moved her hands onto my back and I leaned forward to whisper into her ear.
"Getting ready to make you come again...all over my dick."
With that said, I sank my dick all the way in, in one smooth motion. Her wetness, making my entry effortless. About halfway in, I could feel her muscles contracting and grabbing hold of me.
"Oh shit!...OH Shit!!!! OH SHIIIITTTTT!!!! She breathed as I got it all in and began slowly grinding into her. I brought one hand up to her breast and pushed it over closer to her other and began kissing it, licking the nipple and nipping it a little between my teeth. Right then I decided to stop with the subtleness. She was as wet as a river, her legs came up and locked around my back, and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. Hmmm, I thought. You're more than ready for this aren't you. I leaned forward once more and began sucking on her neck, as I moved my hands underneath her ass, lifting her up a bit. Grinding into her, rotating my hips, my balls slapping against her butt as I thrust deep into her.
"Oh my God, that feels so good" she said.
I had to agree. Her tight pussy was throbbing like crazy on my dick, her breathing shallow, her hips matching my rhythm as I sank into her...over and over...and over. Mini orgasms were causing her to grip the sheets, my shoulders as I felt her contracting strong. I kept fucking her straight through them .
Her breathing and moans had become very loud now as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. Oh Shit!! Mother Fuckin DAMN!!!
AHHHHH!!!!! She yelled, her nails diggin into me a little.
"You like it baby", I asked?
"Oh yes. Fuck me, Fu..myga.hgb, ahhh!!! She started to speak, but everything she said became jumbled, her head rolled to the side as she dug her fingers into my hair, her legs trembling as she held her breath. I speeded up, driving my dick deep into her,
slamming my pubic bone over her clit and rotating as I thrust.
My own orgasm building, she simply wrapped her arms around my shoulders again, crying out FUUUUUUCKCKKKKKK!!!!!!
As I slammed deep inside of her and let go. My orgasm causing my own trembling, our orgasms matching and she held my lower back as I came. My dick pulsing inside of her, as its contents filled the condom. We fell into an embrace and a sweet tongue kiss. Cuddling into each others arms. Several comments later that I won't repeat here, she told me that she had never been with a black man...

To be continued...

tim1887 31M
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7/21/2005 1:31 pm

great!!! unfortunetly with condom but great!!! keep on like this

(Juan S)
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7/21/2005 4:26 pm

What's up Tim? Welcome to Sizzle's world. Stop by often. There will be only one more lady in my life, someday that will get it raw! We ain't found her yet.

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