Day two in Blogland  

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2/19/2006 11:15 am

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Day two in Blogland

So, I have been welcomed by a nice lady to Blogland. Interesting stuff, this. Reading through other's blogs I am again reminded of the uniqueness of people. Everyone is so different, with thier own sense of self and such. Interesting, funny, and at some times, quite disturbing, no?

I keep having this dream. It's the same dream with different endings because of some event along the timeline of the dream itself changing every time I have it. For example, a week ago the dream consisted of me meeting up with my friends to go out. I see this guy I used to work with. Both of these things happen every time I have the dream. However, in last weeks dream, he bought me a drink, we talked about old times, and he left with his friends, to go to a party. Last night, however, he buys me the drink, my friend gets sick and I am the one that leaves. He looks rather disspointed in the latest version as I make the universal "I'll call you" sign as I help my drunk ass friend out the door. In last weeks version he looks dissapointed because he has to leave with his friends to attend that party. So you see, the same dream with many different outcomes. I have had it much more than twice, and every time we end up not being able to end the night together. Once he invited me and my friends to this party he goes to. Once, I invited him to my friends house. Both times, something came up and we ended up having to separate. Frustrating but unbelievably comforting, this dream. I'm sure it has some increadably deep meaning. I don't think I actually care what it means. I like the feeling I get while emersed in it. I suppose I should be excited when we do actually end the dream evening together, but the thought scares me. I don't want it to stop. Knowing that he wants to finish the night with me as much as I do with him is....well. Very very sexual and comforting, and it does, I will admit, make me wake up yearning for him. Maybe I should call him in real life. But I think I won't. The last time I saw him, he was getting married in two months. Too bad. Thank God for dreams, eh?

Have a great day, anyone who reads this. Live to dream the next night!

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