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4/26/2006 6:02 am

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I never had an inclination for astrology but many girlfriends forced me to examine it. How can i take seriously a theory that is based on an error? Astrology is based on the assumption that there are only seven planets including the sun and the moon.

Most astrologers have a simple answer to this. They don't know how but it does work. I noticed myself that astrology is very successful in describing the types of character who are born under various signs of the zodiac. That's very strange but astrology does work in general descriptions, how come? We know that the bodies in the solar system exert forces on one another and we suppose that these forces influence the living beings. For example the moon controls the tides, as it is accepted by science, but most people will agree that the moon affects some people's mental balance. I am not sure that this is accepted by science but shrinks seem to believe it too. I am not myself influenced by the moon but i must admit that my own father is very influenced, believe me, i don't write you details cause he is gonna think that i defame him (you know him, lol).

Astrology claims that a man's personality depends basically on his birth sign, Cancer, or Gemini, or whatever. I don't like this claim. It tell's us that human personality is like a piece of plastic, or even better plasticine, that is moulded in a logical order by the forces of the heavens. It's not that i find it unscientific, i am sure that living creatures are influenced by planetary forces, Harold Burr discovered,when he connected his voltmeter up to trees, that their life field was strongly affected by sunspots. But i believe in free will, in evolution, in struggle with existing conditions, and in heredity too. Those of you who know my father can understand better what i mean, lol.

I am ready to accept that astrology and my sign cann tell something general about my character but i cannot understand people like my father who read horoscopes every day and cannot take a decision without consulting the stars. The first question that he asks to the girls is always the same: What's your zodiac sign? The second is: and what's your horoscoper? The third is of cousrse: what's your name, but if the girl is virgin or Lion he never ask's the name, he goes away running. That's superstition, right?

Anyway. My peronal sign is Capricorn, i am born the 25 December, Christmas day, and my horoscoper is Gemini. That makes quite a mess, Capricorn is serious and introvert while Gemini is humorous and extrovert, Capricorn is formal and methodic while Gemini hates organisation and formality, Carpricorn likes books and reading, Gemini likes music, plays guitar and bother's Capricorn, Capricorn likes love and marriage, Gemini llikes love and adultery, lol.

My friends

What's your astrological sign? What do you think about astrology? Do you think that astrology can be taken in account into relationships? Does moon influences you? Do you bark at the moon? lol


This blog article is dedicated to 23lovegreen

Tromara 48F

4/26/2006 11:07 am

My astrological sign is GEMINI an air sign.
Strongest virtues of the Gemini zodiac sign: great communication skills, quickness of thought, quick learning
Deepest need of the Gemini zodiac sign: communication
Weaknesses of the Gemini zodiac sign: superficiality, gossiping, harsh speech that may hurt others, use of words for misleading or misinforming

I somewhat disagree w/the weaknesses,I absolutely hate gossip!!
Can it be taken into acct on relationships...yes.

Capicorn..makria. my exhusband is a capicorn!

SirLuno 57M

4/26/2006 12:41 pm


You are attracted to Capricorns. You can't live without them!

rm_qbert12 43M
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4/26/2006 1:35 pm


no wonder we get along, we are both capricorns!!! I was born on christmas eve.....

SirLuno 57M

4/26/2006 2:30 pm


hello mate Capricorn. But what's your horoscoper?

GamaossNeverDies 81M

4/26/2006 4:34 pm

I am a Capricorn too, lol.

23lovegreen 36F

4/26/2006 5:05 pm


SAGITTARIUS STAR SIGN... sign of love;love sports,nature,traveling, to learn and to win.Is the sign of the philosopher and at the explorer;r good workers;r successfull in business;are representatives both beginnings: strength, because it is a survival mechanism and a weakness because are vulnerable to the demands and influence of others.

Conclusion:energetic, optimistic, ambitious, freedom-loving, adventurous, independent, jovial, good-humored, gifted conversationalist, storyteller, entertainer, lucky, generous, honest, straightforward, intellectual, philosophical, seeker of challenge, imaginative, clever, versatile, open to new ideas and exploration;blindly optimistic, restless, wanderlust, careless, irresponsible, superficial, tactless,hard to pin down emotionally, lack staying power, and becomes bored quickly.

It's the Archer which represents Sagittarians, although in this case it's a Centaur (half man, half beast) which is flinging the arrows. Centaurs were the intellectuals of ancient Roman mythology, and Sagittarians are quick to consider themselves their modern-day counterparts.Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet Jupiter.In ancient Roman times,Jupiter was the King of the Gods.The Element associated with Sagittarius is Fire. Just as a fire can move quickly and uncontrollably, so can Sagittarians as they flit from one thing to the next, never looking back.

It says that Sagittarius THE ARCHER is the sign of the gypsy.hmmm

My horoscoper is Leo....

The bright side...

Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical.

On the dark side....

Blindly optimistic and careless
Irresponsible and superficial
Tactless and restless.

I hope i didn't bother u...
R a lot to say about Sagittarius sign.

SirLuno 57M

4/27/2006 4:12 am


Thank you very much sweet girl for all that information, i wanna be in love with a Sagittarius now, they seem so sexy! Many kisses for you sweet girl, my friend.

SirLuno 57M

4/27/2006 4:20 am


I ought to be serious and organized but i am playfyl and silly too, i believe that Gemini is responsible, i put the blame on the stars, lol. Kisses to you bright lady.

SirLuno 57M

4/27/2006 6:15 am

That's funny, until now we have plenty of Capricorns and Gemini's, my sign and my horoscoper. If you want a coincidence, i have exactly the same sign and horoscoper with my father, lol.

I must add that i was always attracted by Gemini females, then by Sagittarius. I am not attracted by female Capricorns at all but of course, you never know...

rm_irida2005 46F
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4/27/2006 7:34 am


SirLuno 57M

4/27/2006 7:51 am


I am very happy that you are a Virgo, my father already deleted you from his lists and i am all alone to flirt you. But girl, you didn't wrote to me your horoscoper, it's very important for me . Do you know the exact time of your birth?

Many kisses to you too beautiful lady.

rm_qbert12 43M
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4/27/2006 9:56 am


I don't know what my horoscope is, all I know is that I'm a capricorn.

Maybe someone can help me out with that.......????

SirLuno 57M

4/27/2006 10:14 am


I can help you with that but you must tell me the exact (if possible) time of your birthday. At what time were you born?

pilos2006 44F

4/27/2006 1:05 pm


MissLizie 55F

4/27/2006 1:43 pm


Can you guess mine??? born 1963 that is true...but the date posted in my profile is wrong!

You've known me for some time now, let us see how well you know your math on Horoscopes.

Anyone else wants to guess???

SirLuno 57M

4/27/2006 2:10 pm

hello pilos2006

hard outside and tender inside...mmmm....i like this girl...i fantasize... i wanna start with the outside and then be inside...mmmm... and from inside touching the outside...OMG. pilos I WANT YOU!

SirLuno 57M

4/27/2006 2:13 pm


The worst case is that you are Taurus, the best Gemini. I suspect that you are Gemini. But i will continue to love you even if you are a Virgo.

SirLuno 57M

4/27/2006 4:44 pm

Dedicated to all of you (i know that you like blonds, lol)

Two blondes walk into a bar, each orders a drink. They go and sit down and start toasting and chearing, "51 days! 51 days!!"
About five minutes later, another blonde walks in, orders a drink, and joins the other two in the chearing.

Finally, another blonde walkes in with what looks like a cardboard picture. She puts the picture thing in the middle of the table, and starts chearing with the others, "51 days! 51 days!!

The Bar Tender starts too get really curious, so he walks over to discover that the picture is a Cookie Monster puzzle.

He walks over to one of the blondes and asks, "What on earth are you doing??"

"Well," the blonde says, "everyone thinks blondes are so stupid, so we proved them wrong. On the box of this puzzle, it says 2-4 years, but we finished it in only 51 days!!!


Tromara 48F

4/28/2006 6:46 am

OK I'm back and upon further research this is what I've learned. Born on the 29th of May 1970 around the 7th hour in Pirea.
I was born with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Pisces. I possess some excellent qualities such as extreme intellect, subtlety and flexibilaty. The Moon in Pices definitely affects my personality. I seem quiet and easy going but somewhat restless. I am the type of person that seeks variety and I change my mind very easily. I am often criticized because I appear irresolute and sometimes I cannot be relied upon. This opinion comes about because I am rather easily discouraged. My personality shows and inclination toward reading and all sorts of imaginative pursuits. One main problem is that I lack the ability to make quick decisions. My vulnerability to external influences makes me subconsciously imitate the manners and ways of those with whom I relate. In many instances, circumstances will require that I play the role of worldliness and sophistication, howerver under the mask exists a very sensitive human being who is easily offended and retreats when hurt or frightened of a situation. My life is geared to obtain public standing with honor, esteem and reputation.

Venus is in the First House, which is a strong position for Venus, for it adds charm to my personality and gives me an amiable and pleasant disposition. I tend to concentrate a great deal on my appearance. I work very hard to get along with others and I usually try to win arguments with diplomacy rather than force. Relationships are very important to me and I often go out of my way to initiate them. I have a personable manner and social charm which wins me the approval of everyone I deal with. I find it very easy to compromise in order to get what I desire. Regardless of the image I present to observers underneath the surface is a calculating machine on which I count the advantages and disadvantages of every association or friendship. I am usually well behaved and refined, but when I can't get what I want I become extremely aggressive.

Well this is what I have learned. Quite informative and to the point.

SirLuno 57M

4/28/2006 8:23 am


Wow, very bright and accurate analysis, thank you very much for sharing. Now i know that i will give you all that you want from me (i guess my body, lol) because i don't want to see you being aggressive. I am happy that it's writen in the stars too, you are a very charming person.

rm_qbert12 43M
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4/28/2006 2:27 pm

Tromara..........while I was reading your post all I could keep thinking of was me and you just going having some great sex........

I have really got to get my mind out of the gutter!!!!!!!

23lovegreen 36F

4/28/2006 3:02 pm

SAYS THAT-"Astrology was the real mother of modern astronomy".

Man's curiosity about the stars was the beginning of the science of astrology. Archaeologists have found records of the study of astrology in the ruins of almost every ancient civilisation, from Greece to Babylon, from China to Rome. It is the oldest science in the world.


Our vernal signs the RAM begins,
Then comes the BULL, in May the TWINS;
The CRAB in June, next LEO shines,
And VIRGO ends the northern signs.
The BALANCE brings autumnal fruits,
The SCORPION stings, the ARCHER shoots;
December’s GOAT brings wintry blast,
AQUARIUS rain, the FISH come last.

rm_irida2005 46F
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4/29/2006 6:46 am

Yes my friend .. its GEMINI

GamaossNeverDies 81M

4/29/2006 6:57 am


I believe in the stars, yeah! Everything is writen there, all the things that we gonna do in our lives. God has not a difficult task to do, he just read the stars, that's how he knows everything!

SirLuno 57M

4/29/2006 7:43 am


You see? I was sure. Even my father put you back in his list, lol.

Tromara 48F

4/29/2006 10:31 am

Quite an imagination you have there qb....

Tromara 48F

4/29/2006 10:32 am

Happy Boy, where have you been???? I miss you baby! filakia

chammypie 55F
22 posts
4/29/2006 4:24 pm

Well Sir is this an official brush off by you..........I am a female Capricorn, typical hard working, loyal, always climbing up hill. Both my sister and father are Gemini and they dont really fit the descriptions on this blog. I always was interested in astrology as a younger person, BUT as with religion the older I have got the more I think its all a crock of shit. I watched a programme a few months ago where a guy was proving anyone with a good ear and a quick mind could pretend to be a fortune teller or a medium. He told exactly the same things to 100 people..........such as you are a loyal friend, you have an artistic side you wish to explore more, you have lost someone really close to you etc etc etc......and every single person interviewed said they could believe how correct he was. We all want to hear nice things about us, so we are all willing to believe anything thats said, and we all interpret it in our own way.

On top of that if I had have follwoed all the astrological clippings I read a a young woman i never would have married my ex, as they all said Sagitaurus and Capricorns are not compatible. Were they all right as we are now divorced???? We were together for 25 years and I now have two beautiful children, and a really full life, so what do you say to that ???

Shame you dont love me anymore, but I can take a hint, bjs


SirLuno 57M

4/30/2006 2:55 am


Your Tromara is MY Tromara, lol. I invite you to a duel, the winner takes Tromara. Choose your arms!

SirLuno 57M

4/30/2006 3:03 am

Princess Chammy

I still love you but i will love you more if you send me your horoscoper. A capricorn with horoscoper Gemini, like me, is very different from a Capricorn with horoscoper Virgo or whatever. The only constant thing about Capricorns is that they are good in bed. But that's not enough right?

GamaossNeverDies 81M

4/30/2006 3:41 am


You didn't miss me? How come?

SirLuno 57M

4/30/2006 12:24 pm


I don't think that qbert got quite an imagination, everyone can see from your honest and well done astrological analysis that you are a nymphomaniac!

Waitingfory68 50F

5/1/2006 11:42 am

Dear SirLuno,

You can stop looking cause I'm the girl for you

I checked a little bit on the internet and I found out that I am a cusp, which means between two signs: Gemini/cancer. That explains my dual nature and multiple personalities Here is what it said about me:

In love relationships, Gemini/Cancers are caring, flirtatious, playful and romantic. The great strength of the Gemini/Cancer-born is in their blending of intellectual and conversational skills. They have the ability to understand the difficulties their loved ones must work through. Their affectionate nature makes them among the most caring characters of the zodiac.

Their facility in adapting to new challenges may seem like opportunism, but it is really just a highly intuitive curiosity that leads them to the right people at the right time. Generally domestic and peaceful, Gemini/Cancers often have many friends and acquaintances, and they won't sit still when loved ones are threatened.

I hope you belive everything you read cause this is me.

As for the second part of your question I am moonstruck for the moment and I will of course bark at the moon when we meet in September You know when we visit the forest......I don't want to reveale too much details because there are many jealous people here (lol)

Polla filakia.

rm_qbert12 43M
116 posts
5/1/2006 12:59 pm


Yeah, I have quite a vivid imagination. And lets just say that I imagined us both quite satisfied!!!

All in good fun though!

SirLuno 57M

5/1/2006 1:00 pm


Tralala lala lala, im singing in the rain, la laaaaaaaa! Wow, what a perfect combination of excellent qualities, i want them, i need them, the stars send me a present, thanks God, wow, in the forest... then bath in the river, then... then.... then ....again then...then...you know what i mean by then, i like it very much, lol, till the other morning.

But girl, what is your horoscoper? I suppose that you cannot have two, but if you do, you' re probably a witch, in your body - i am sure - there is a sign. It can be anywhere, i will search scrupulously to find it! Thank you for your very warm comment, kisses from your faithful exorcist!

rm_freenikos 41M
1 post
5/1/2006 1:29 pm

I was born under the sign of Taurus and it also happens that Taurus is my horoscoper too.I have to tell you that i have a very sceptisist approach towards signs and how they affect our relatinships with other people.I accept in rough ends that people belonging to the same sign share some common features, but that's it.I don't pay any notice to signs before i make a relationship and i never thought that something went wrong with a relatiship because our signs didn't match,to tell you the truth i never checked it also-i mean to see the characteristics that the other person should have according to his/her sign.Now as gar as the moon concerns...I accept that it is connected with the tieds somehow,but i don't think it affects me,although during full moon i bark a lot and usually i wake up the next day naked in the streat with a lot of hair arround me(lol).should i worry?To get serious i believe generally to the signs,but i don't think that i will let them affect my relationships with other people.Thanks for your patience in reading this SirLuno.

Waitingfory68 50F

5/1/2006 2:12 pm

Dear SirLuno,

Hi again.

I don't know about my horoscoper but...

I do have a sign on my body...it's something like this: 666 (lol). I don't know if I am a witch or the underground boss himself
Have I told you that I like dark and hot places....hope you haven't changed your mind now about meeting me?


SirLuno 57M

5/1/2006 4:27 pm


Welcome my friend. I liked very much the serious part of your comment, i am touched and i will make everything possible to cure you from your lycanthropy, lol. Taurus with Taurus! You must be a patient and persistent person who likes doing it his own way, right? And you like very much wine and good company right? And you like beautiful women right? If all those suspicions are true. you must believe in astrology, lol.

SirLuno 57M

5/1/2006 4:32 pm


Where exactly do you have this sign 666 on your body? I am scared now, lady i am not so sure that i want to meet you...

rm_deep69blue 48M/49F
12 posts
5/2/2006 6:51 am

Hello Sir

Male Gemini - horoscoper Taurus - with female Capricorn - horoscoper Virgo. We both bark at the moon.

SirLuno 57M

5/2/2006 7:28 am

hi deep

Gemini with Capricorn is a very good combination, no divorce for the first 3 years! lol.

Waitingfory68 50F

5/2/2006 8:42 am

Hi again.

Scared of little me?

I will tell you about my sign.

Have you read the book "The picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde? Dorian Gray sold his soul in order to gain eternal youth. I sold my soul to get those breasts you see in the picture, so you can imagine where my sign is I can tell you that it was worth it and you are welcome to search them thorougly in order to find the sign

Hope you are not afraid of me any more after this explanation. You can tell me in September if I did a good deal or not


SirLuno 57M

5/2/2006 9:04 am


I thought that the sign was in Devil's place, the buttocks. Now i feel better. I will examine you carefully and maybe...lol.

SirLuno 57M

5/2/2006 5:31 pm

Till now Capricorns and Geminis are the winners.

GamaossNeverDies 81M

5/2/2006 6:11 pm

Now i am on my feet again, better things are bound to happen, all my dues surely must be paid...

SirLuno 57M

5/2/2006 9:25 pm


You're a true rocker, that's Bad Company's Ready for Love.

rm_qbert12 43M
116 posts
5/3/2006 7:11 am


SirLuno 57M

5/3/2006 8:19 am

This is a Capricorns blog, full of horns, lol.

qbert, mpas kai eimaste keratades file? I apla keratomenoi? lol.

23lovegreen 36F

5/3/2006 9:31 am

May the sacred land ever uphold u,
May the eternal SEA ever surround u,
May the endless SKY ever watch over u,
May the winds whisper yr name,
May the FIRE of awen inspire u,
May the stones remember yr ways,
May the EARTH comfort and cradle u,
May the eternal flame ever light yr way.

SirLuno 57M

5/3/2006 1:38 pm


Nice words, i hope that you didn't wrote them for my father or qbert, or happy, or wise, or Aen, lol.

rm_Pippoulla 41F

5/3/2006 8:34 pm

hey Sirluno
Thanks for the nice chat we had the other day, in the London room.
And yes, I will remember your advice, NEVER GIVE UP.
It was so nice to get to know you as well.
Well I read your blogs, it is fun, but no comments as yet.
Actually why don't you research my horoscope and let me know a few things about me.
I am still looking for some answers from the stars.

SirLuno 57M

5/4/2006 8:33 am


I was very polite with you and you came here to insult me. I am really sorry, bye forever.

SirLuno 57M

5/4/2006 9:14 am


Thanks for coming. All i can see is that you gonna get your ph.D and that you gonna fall in love with a guy from AdultFriendFinder who runs a blog, lol.

rm_qbert12 43M
116 posts
5/4/2006 12:41 pm


I have to surmise that you were born under the sign of the moon.....because that is a great moon shot of a pic!!

Actually in all seriousness, I have no idea about what sign you were born under, but you definetly have a beautiful butt!!!!

SirLuno 57M

5/4/2006 1:25 pm


I am gonna tell everything to Tromara!

Tromara 48F

5/4/2006 6:18 pm

AHA!!! So qb is looking at another's butt...OH WELL, there goes another lost adventure..

SirLuno 57M

5/4/2006 8:04 pm


I am faithful! Only one butt exists in the world for me: your's! I still hope Tromara, yes, the destiny? The stars? The kismet? I am here for you. But unfotunatelly you are there... Can't we arrange that? I can find you a good job as maidservant hgere in Greece, lol.

SirLuno 57M

5/4/2006 8:05 pm


I am faithful! Only one butt exists in the world for me: your's! I still hope Tromara, yes, the destiny? The stars? The kismet? I am here for you. But unfotunatelly you are there... Can't we arrange that? I can find you a good job as maidservant here in Greece, lol.

GamaossNeverDies 81M

5/4/2006 8:33 pm


Great mistake but i foprgive you, pippoulla has an excellent butt. Tromara never showed us nothing!

rm_xxSpecialKxx 47F
1614 posts
5/5/2006 3:20 am

Hey Luno
Just saying hi as whuppeee is now in another form the form of special k whupp is sort of fadin out slowly will go with a explosive bang but not till account expires lol so i guess i missed ya madness and your crap comments so now you know where i am feel free to be as crap as u like big hugs and i love your astrology piece very wierd tho i was gonna do 1 on this also but now ill havve to do something else great minds and all that have asuper day big hugs xxx kels

rm_qbert12 43M
116 posts
5/5/2006 8:11 am


Tromara........i'd still sleep with you thoug if the opportunity ever presented itself.........

23lovegreen 36F

5/5/2006 8:33 am


SirLuno 57M

5/5/2006 8:42 am

Special whuppeee

I really like all your forms and you are the explosive bang of my blog, lol. I am very curious to learn your astrological sign, come back soon, big hugs and kisses (yes, warm ones)for you.

GamaossNeverDies 81M

5/5/2006 11:50 am


All for SirLuno? Nothing for me?

rm_xxSpecialKxx 47F
1614 posts
5/6/2006 12:48 am

Hey Lunooooooo xxxx whyyyyyyyyy i be a capricorn i beeeee!
And what delights does Mystic Luno Have predicted for me this week will i pretty will i be richhhhhhhhhh i await patientllllllly???????? Please reveal your astrological greatness to me Im intrigued!
And how is your father??? please tell him i said Hello xxx mwahhh xxxx good to be aquainted with you once againxxk

rm_rareview 42F
568 posts
5/6/2006 10:38 pm

Do not ever fuck with me again


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