The Return of the Cynic  

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4/20/2006 12:37 am

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The Return of the Cynic

When I'm not chasing after a skirt, I'm a fairly positive person. I have a good reputation on two fitness sites as a knowledgable person and made a few male friends (w/o benefits, lol), but when it comes to politic, religion, business and women, the cynic and skeptic comes out.

Not terribly, to the point of being completely negative, but I rarely accept women, particularly unknown women, at face value, because my experience is that they have their own little game going on.

Example: Within two weeks of signing on, I was invited into one woman's network, sent some e-mails back and forth and then after a couple weeks, up to now, I haven't heard a word out of her.

Example: A woman out of nowhere in a nearby city invited me into her network without even looking at my profile. Reading her profile, she "loves donations, enjoys love gifts, wants a generous man." No real problem there, I suppose, but it's a not very subtle.

Example: An attractive 27yr old woman on another dating site wrote me asking if "I'm for real" and gave me an external contact. I've seen this game before, but the attraction of someone claiming to be in my city, almost arm's reach is compelling enough to pay out a little line. However, I suspect her next e-mail will place "her" in Russia or west africa.

If it's Africa, I'm going to mind fuck this one until they believe America is the land of plenty all right. Plenty of inbred trailer trash psychos not worth scamming.

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