Bad Tuesday...  

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4/5/2006 6:17 am

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Bad Tuesday...

This is hard to talk about. I would have written about it yesterday, but I wanted time to calm down. I'll start with the bad and end on a positive note.

The ex-wife (2yrs an ex) pulled another fast one on me, or perhaps I let her...She got fired from another job a couple weeks ago and while her unemployement compensation is in process, she needed money to help with her rent. I'm loathe to give her any consideration, but she knows mine and my mother's phone number, so she calls incessantly for a hand out. To get her off my mother's back, I gave her enough to cover 3/4 of her base rent, the rest being her responsbility.

I didn't expect to get the money back, she doesn't pay anything back, it's a sunk cost to get her out of my face for the time being, so I handed her the check and she whined that it wasn't enough. I told her it was all I ws willing to give, closed the door and started back into my apartment. Then the doorbell started to ring, 2, 3, 4 times. I went back to the door, opened it to see her standing with her hand out holding the check, so I took it back and tore it up in front of her. Then, she agreed to take what I was willing to give. She knew I meant business. It's the all or nothing principle of dealing with begging, irresponsible exes. If they can't have it all, they get nothing.

This was a week ago.

Today, she called saying she bought a fax machine and needs me to install it. I asked her,

Me: "Why the fuck did you buy a fax machine?"
Her: "So I can fax out my resumes."
Me: "You have a multifunction printer with scanning capability and the computer I gave you can fax."
Her: "I don't know who to use it."
Me: "So you buy a fax machine that you don't know how to plug in? You bought a fax machine when you claimed you needed help for rent?"

Then, I find out her car won't start. She had it towed to a place near my mother and she needs a ride to pick it up. I agreed, only to get her off my back for a time. Too much of an ordeal.

Fortunately I can get her out of my head the next day.

The positive: I went to MPC and priced up a computer with the amenities I'm looking at and the priced is less than half of a Dell of similar components. This would allow me to build my home gym and perhaps get a good start on some powerblocks as well and still have money for fall's tuition.

I might get a SCSI base raid, but since it's a home computer, two fast SATA drives are probably all I need. One small for the windows drive, one large for programs and data, a GeForce 6800 vid card and a 19" flat panel, a solid sound card and 5.1 speakers with a heavy hitting sub woofer. A totally rodded out system for graphics and sound and webbing!

The gym: I'm asking for opinions on my fitness sites. So far, I'm getting advice on what they look for, but nothing on the ideas I presented. I could build it for $600, but upwards of $800 if I go with a better rack/cage and a tower and a solid bench.

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