A lot to do today.  

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4/3/2006 1:35 am

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A lot to do today.

Today is a full day. My car is just a hop away from being mine in totality, so that will free up a lot of money. So much to do.

Apartment hunting: As much as I'd like go rural, I seem to step closer to the city. Perhaps I'm just fooling myself. I'm a city boy, I must be.

I have a viewing for a high-end apartment downtown. It looks exquisite, the price is doable and it'll keep me close to the U and the gym. I've never lived downtown or near it and this one is right on Wisconsin Avenue, just across from the main library, a mid-rise that caters to long term leases and corporate housing.

The biggest problem with city living comes on overcast days. Cities are naturally grey, brooding places and on overcast days all the colors wash away and cities look old, tired and ugly in the absence of sunlight and when it rains...

I would love to live out in the rural counties, Oneida, Oconto, Taylor, Price. At my income I could get a beautiful home. Alas, I'm here in the city. My job and education is here, thus all my knowledge and experience is here.

I have a stack of others to look over and call out to for viewing, plus I need to drive the area around the U to find other possible townhouses. I hate the place I'm living in now. There's not enough closets, not enough cupboards, not enough wall outlets, the phone jacks are inconveniently placed, etc, etc, etc.

I have never lived in a high-rise so I don't know what to expect.

Computer hunting: This poor, tired old laptop is getting slower and slower under today's web technology. I'd like to get a Dell XPS, but it'll cost over $4,000 with all the amenities I want. Several people praise Milwaukee PC so I'll see what I can price up. Perhaps if I can get the price down to $2,500 I'll buy, but I need to have a good sound system, high-end graphics for those days I need a diversion in games and most definately a network card and flat panel monitor, and WinXP. I'll keep the laptop for mobility, but I'll strip it to the bare essentials to cut down on the clutter and the contention for resources.

I skipped yesterday's workout, so that means I'll be at it four days in a row to make up, but I need to video my squats for critique. Hopefully, I can find some inquisitive and helpful lady to handle the camera, if not, I'm taking the tripod in case.

It's raining today.

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