Is oxygen really necessary during sex?  

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12/12/2005 9:57 am

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Is oxygen really necessary during sex?

I was looking back through my blog and I happened to notice that yesterday was my two month anniversary of sharing entirely too much information with everyone here. Whooo hooo, I say!!! I've had loads of fun with it so far and will probably remain for as long as it continues to be fun.

Changing the subject a bit. I had a check up appointment with my doctor this morning. Had actually forgotten about it until they called me to remind me. Turns out they had me down to see the PA - Physicians Assistant. Nope. Not gonna happen. I've seen the PA's before, the experience isn't all that different. However, I am paying and my insurance is paying for me to see a whole doctor, not a half a doctor. If I got a discount for seeing the PA that would be okey dokey for me. But I pay the same amount regardless - so I'm seein' the MD Thank you very much.

It took me 3 or 4 weeks to get THIS appointment, which is why I had forgotten about it to begin with, and now I'm reschedule to see the doctor in another two weeks. Waiting doesn't bother me at cuz I don't like going to the doctor. Even if it is just for a check up. Yuck.

While we are talking about health issues, the worst of my bronchitis seems to have cleared up, thankfully, but this damn congestion and cough is just hangin' on. Won't leave even though I have made it very clear they are not welcome. Bunch a bastages. Oh well. Life goes on, I'll just have to buy stock in a tissue company or something.

I can just imagine being in an intimate situation. I say, "oooh baby I love it when you *hack cough clear throat sniff* touch me there." Wow that's sexy. Yeah, talking dirty DURING sex isn't gonna be easy. Walking to the bed makes me winded, so not only will I have to take a break every couple steps, the dirty talk will have to happen either before or after any strenuous physical activity. It could work. If we do the dirty talk first, I'll just think about what I'm HOPING I will want to say. If it comes after, that'll be easier cuz I can just be like, "Ok when you did this, I wanted to say this."

Blow jobs aren't really any trouble tho since I've learned to breath through my ears in the past three weeks. I'm mean really, who actually NEEDS oxygen anyway?

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