Addictions, Loves, and Blogs Oh My  

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12/2/2005 6:59 pm

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Addictions, Loves, and Blogs Oh My

Warning: Long entry. Don't read if this if operating heavy machinery is beyond your capabilites right now - post could induce sleep!

Addictions are an interesting thing. Some people have problems with it and others don't. I descend from a line of addicts in form or another. Mostly smokers and drunks. I don't remember ever actually meeting my paternal grandfather. I do, however, remember going to his house with my dad one morning. I had to wait in the car while my dad went to see if he was sober. We didn't stay.

My dad was good about not exposing me to drunk people. Except for himself of course. Apparently it's okay for children to see their fathers drunk, but not others. I don't really get it either. My dad has been drinking since he was about eleven years old, became a smoker about the same time. Who know's how long he's been a ragin alcoholic. He was raised by his dad. Both of my uncles on my dad's side are also alcoholics. A couple of religious fanatics which is just another form of addiction.

So I've got a few "examples" I could have, and could still, follow. Since I was old enough to know what drunk means and what an alcoholic is I've known better than to go down that road. I have a few bad habits that have been hard to break, but I have. At least most of them. Still working on some lmao. I've come close to becoming addicted to a medication but happened to notice what I was doing in time to slap myself around a bit.

I have used the term "addiction" fairly loosely in the past. A previous post of mine was entitled "My new favorite addiction." "My new favorite enthusiasm" just doesn't have the same ring to it LMAO. Could just be me tho....

Am I addicted to this site? No. I enjoy it, just not as much as I did two months ago or even one month ago. Am I addicted to blogging? No. I do love it tho. For reasons I'll talk about in a moment. Do I feel it necessary to post a blog? No. I do, however, post daily or at least try to.

Here's why. I love writing. I love writing damn near anything. Writing has been my hobby since I was in elementary school. Language is an awesome thing - someday I'll try using some of it. Storytelling, researching, reporting facts. It all interests me to no end. I've tried a lot of different styles. Blogging is the latest. I've had writer's block for a while now. Over a year. Not being able to write or put my thoughts into words is much worse than not reading a book for a month. I begin to feel stunted. My mind becomes restless. I need an outlet.

The posts in my blog are me and my life and how I view things. Some of it is exaggerated for comical effect, sure. That is mostly because that's how I am. I see the funny and I love to share it. Ultimately, this is an amazing way that I've found to work out some things by putting them on paper, so to speak and also to give my brain a bit of a work out. So if I can't think of anything to write once or twice, no problem. It starts to worry me a little if it lasts longer. I don't want my creativity to dry up again.

For the most part the blog is for me. It's part fun, part stress relief, part whatever I need that day. I tend to write about something that catches my interest or something I notice that I find amusing. If I feel like it I'll write something a bit more serious and personal. Such as this lol. But. I am a writer (of sorts) and I do take pride in everything I do. So, while I don't write for the comments or the views, I do enjoy getting them. To have people read what I write (voluntarily!) , and comment positively on it....well, it's nice. So thank you.

keithcancook 61M
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12/2/2005 8:46 pm

Writing is a joy to me as well.


im_your_man77 40M
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12/3/2005 2:24 am

I won't go into the addiction thing if I get started on the addictions in my family I would need a whole new blog of my own.
I get what you are saying about the writing thou. I would love to write. I read as much as I can, I'm an avid book collector of all types, doesn't matter what the subject is I seem to have an interest in it somewhere. I have more books than I have bookcases to hold them all. As much as I enjoy reading I would love to write myself, fortunately for the world I am dyslexic and think 100,000 thoughts a minute and getting the discipline to sit down and try to write something half way decent would drive me insane. I'm not even sure how I survived the process of blogging when I started it last week but I'm not doing it for anyone to see. I cannot be held responsible for entertaining an audience if they weren't invited.
Anyway moving swiftly on and getting back to you, if you keep blogging it might free your mind in such a way that eventually you will be to sit down and write for a living. Enjoy what you are doing, there are people out there enjoying reading it.

psisurfer 63M

12/3/2005 10:14 pm

A sign of your talent is that even when you don't think you're doing more than throwing down words, they're coming out in illuminating, entertaining, humorous and sometimes sensitive but lighthearted. Your love of words always shows even when you're feeling sicker n' snot. Wish I could've been that consistent when I was in print.
This website grew fairly boring to me weeks ago, but lurking beneath sex and superficiality is an undercurrent of interesting blogs on many subjects, some outlandish, some funny and some endearing. It's hardly a site I'd expect to find a wide range of human interest content, but it's there. And you, dear girl, continue to write with the best of them, counting both AdultFriendFinder and other more serious sites. Please keep it up.

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