Lana's Saga: An Exhibition  

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5/1/2005 3:46 pm

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Lana's Saga: An Exhibition

Names have been changed

As most of you know, Lana and I are both musicians: myself a saxophonist and she a trumpet player. We're also both fairly good players. Which means:

Anytime a gig comes up, we get called in.

Don't get me wrong, I love it, and its easy money, but your schedule can get a little hectic from time to time.

The story begins with endless rehearsals for an upcoming orchestra concert in which Lana and I played on only 1 piece. (Respighi's "The Pines of Rome" ) So rehearsals involved mostly sitting around, reading a book, playing for 10 minutes, then sitting some more.

This got incredibly boring. So much so that I actually adopted the habit of leaving and wander the halls of the performing arts center until it was time to play. Apparently Lana had been watching me as she soon adopted the same routine.

On the next to last rehearsal and as we were wandering around the second floor, Lana suddenly reached under her skirt, played around for a second, then pushed me up against the nearest wall and shoved her finger into my mouth.

I could taste her wetness. She was dripping.
"Whats got you all worked up?" I asked.
"You in those slacks. Lose 'em." she commanded.

But she was already undoing the button and unzipping me. Aghast (anyone could walk in!) she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. I was hard instantly and soon lost myself in the moment.

She got up suddenly, pulled my pants up, and led me by the hem toward an alcove. Throwing me into a semi-hidden bench she again pulled my pants to my ankles. A quick adjustment of her skirt and she jumped on top of me. The situation was just too much. Within a few minutes I was working hard to keep control, but losing the battle. I could feel the orgasm well up inside of me.
"I'm gonna... I'm gonna... UGH!" I stifled a scream.

Lana jumped off me and, seemingly in one fluid motion, landed on her knees and took me in her mouth. Sucking me hard, she stretched a large orgasm into a huge one!

As I was returning to Earth, she settled next to me, leaned back, pulled up her skirt, and said, "My turn!" with a wicked grin.

I was happy to oblige. Reversing places with her I went to work. Apparently she had been on the verge herself as it did not take long to have her squirming. She went over the edge with a long, shrill sigh. Her body began convulsing hard as she went through a long orgasm herself.

After she had returned to Earth, we both made quick trips to the bathroom and returned to practice, which was a boring as ever. When we had finished and I was packing up my things I felt a hand snake up my butt to my hair. It grasped my scalp and jerked my head upward. Lana's face stared down at me with a devilish smile.

She waited for me to finish and we walked outside. We headed toward her car, where I intended to kiss her and say goodnight. However, a quick kiss from me was rewarded with a swift grab of the balls.

"For the dress rehearsal, wear your tux commando." She commanded. "Don't ask, just do."
With that, she got into her car and left me standing, bewildered. Where did this girl come up with stuff like this?

cochise226922 47M

5/1/2005 5:28 pm

Bewildered? I am bewildered that you would for one second think such a silly thing and wonder 'why'. She is hot for you, imaginative and clearly knows what she wants. Obviously that includes you commando in a tux. I am jealous as hell but agree with her 100% - "Don't ask, just do."

SingleRebel4U 35M

5/2/2005 9:27 am

I did a poor spot of writing. I didn't so much wonder why she wanted me commando as to wonder what she had planned. Read on to see the next encounter.

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