More About Tomorrows Date...  

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More About Tomorrows Date...

So I noticed today that the guy has changed his profile on here since we started talking. Where before his body type was listed as "fit", it is now listed as "ample".

Through email today he said he has a "big, round belly" but the fact that he's 6'4 hides it. I actually like big guys. I have a tall fetish and tall guys are usually big. I wouldn't call it ample though - proportionate is the more appropriate word. I don't like super skinny guys, short guys or overly muscled guys. None of them are good for cuddling.

In any case, I wrote him back and said that "a big round belly means little - it's all in how you carry it" and I mean that but seeing the profile change sort of makes me skittish about meeting tomorrow. I don't really do well on one on one dates right from the start which is why I prefer to meet someone in a group type situation and then decide if one on one would be fun. I like seeing how someone interacts with other people and whether there is a difference in how they act with me. it tells a lot about someone I think.

Dude said he tried to call me but got no answer and left me a number where I could reach him. When I called, I got no answer but I did get to hear him say his name on his voice mail - cute little accent. I also think he said his last name is, coincidently enough, the same last name as the last guy I dated - the one who ripped my heart out.

Eek. I'll try not to hold that against him.

We still haven't gotten to work out the details for lunch tomorrow so hopefully he'll call me in the morning like I asked him to so we can do that. While I love being a spontaneous person, my schedule doesn't allow for much of that and this is my last full weekend off before heading back knee deep in a buttload of work so I have a ton of things to do.

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