More amusment from the psychotic ones  

SilverCityGhost 50M
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3/17/2006 1:24 pm
More amusment from the psychotic ones

One has to laugh how this site is an “adult” web site, for adults to meet. I am sure you have noticed the behavior here is ANYTHING but ADULT!

There are many many games ran on here for people to try and get more attention than the others.

Currently my favorite is the continuous threat to leave. They say I am leaving this place sucks ect ect. Then Lo and Behold, their goonies will beg and plea for them to stay, and feed their drama addiction.

We all know they are NOT going to leave, no matter if they get their little baby selfish way or not. They think people here are little doggies to jump through their hoops to try and cure their empty wanting lives. They cant get quality attention in the real world, so they try and get it here by playing jr high games.

I think I can write a whole series of anti adult behavior on adult web sites.

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