I wish I was an Exotic Dancer  

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11/30/2005 8:36 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I wish I was an Exotic Dancer

I like everyone else have an alter ego. She is a part of me that I like to keep hidden 89% of the time. She is just as stubborn as I am therefore she is hard to ignore. This other person in me has a secret, she wishes that she was an exotic dancer. (Gasp!)

Having known alot of girls that danced I have become familiar with some of the crap that they have to endure. Day in and day out. Some crap is from their friends and families, but the majority of the crap is from the public in which they dance for. At what point in this country has the word dancer become one with hooker? What because Hollywood portrayed it that way on "The Sopranos" or on a movie somewhere? These girls hold all the cards, for an entire 5 minutes all eyes are on them once their name is announced. You can't tell me that every women hasn't felt an ounce of jelousy at that moment. Especially when it's your man's eyes rivited on her.

To be that girl on a stage 5 feet above your audiance, griping your pole while sex appeal radiates off of you is power. It is a different type of power that not every women is suited for. This power can be dangerous if it is not harnessed properly. A women who is dancing for an audiance is showing what her abilities in the bedroom are. This show is a glimps to the inside of her sexuality. Dancers must rember that they are a fantasy, they intoxicate men with their audaciousness. Men (and women) that are under this influance are not thinking clearly. It is not difficult to have them sucum to your power.

I wished that I could be that girl that was announced to the stage. I would dance to a hot, slow, sensual song. I would become one with that pole. Hold on to it while I bend completly backwards, my long hair gently sweeping the top of my high heel. I would close my eyes and imagine the room of people. Imagine what it is that they came here to forget, imagine what it is they want to see me do. I would surround them with my sexual energy and let them pretend that I am envisioning them on top of me. I love to pretend that I am a dancer, that I can have that much sexual confidence. That I have mastered how to harness my sexual power that can so easily intoxicate both men and women. Well, that's my fantasy anyway.

If I had been a dancer I would have gone about it in a way that only adds to my mystery. I would have danced outside of town where no one knows me. I would have gone to my College classes during the day, in the same preppy clothes and Chanel reading glasses like always. I would have worn my hair back like usual. Then 7 o'clock when I went to club, I would have my long hair lose, ditched my glasses, traded my gap khakis for leather pants and a halter top. All my classmates would have said "gosh that looks like Kiera. I go to school with a girl that looks like her." My alter ego.

Yes, I have to say that if I had any guts whatsoever, my hot little 21 year old body could have been up there. When I say guts, I don't mean how I would have felt if my professor, boss, or father would have felt if they knew, I just mean that I have a tough time in positions where my body is going to be judged. Looking back on pictures of me then, I defineatly could have done it. But too late now. It would be tough telling my husband now that I want to dance, he's too protective. If I was a dancer when I met him, it would be different. Maybe I would never have met him because I wouldn't have been where I was to meet him when I did. So maybe things work out how they do. Because I wouldn't trade my husband and our life together for all the leather, lace, and and shiny poles in the world.

(Princess Lips)

12/1/2005 10:44 am

you can dance for you, for him....

find an adult club....


rm_ANDY4U1964 54M
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12/21/2005 1:09 am

Can u dance 4me luv 2 c yaa.

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