Shower sex is cool  

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6/4/2006 4:18 am

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Shower sex is cool

Cold and hard the more pressure i put on my hand the more uncomfortable it got. I could only imagine how she must have felt, having her whole back pressed against the shower wall. How did i get her? This all started as a simple request to use my shower and here i am on leg resting on my shoulder two hands pressing on the back of my head. In front of me laid this perfect V pointing to the most slender and soft pussy i have ever seen or felt. The shower was raging but i could tell she was getting wet.

“Stop teasing me” she was barely able to utter. the sound of her voice only made me want to continue, light short licks on either side, she squirms a bit and her grip gets tighter. I move in place my lips where here leg meets her waits. I create a seal with my lips and lightly suck and lick moving down and around her pussy until she uses ever ounce of her strength to push me straight into her spread waiting lips. She was dripping wet and felt somewhat cool compared to the water falling all around. I did my best to keep her even more excited licking all around in and out, finally i moved and clutched her exposed clit lightly in between my teeth and from deep inside i began to hum slow at first but faster and varying the intensity soon after. Moments after she lost control her hands went loose around my head and she began to slip down the wall.

Had it not been for her leg on my shoulder she would have slipped down to the ground but i manged to catch her. Leaning on the wall of the shower water dripping from the tips of her hair she looked up and moved forward to me. She looked in my eyes and smiled put her hands on my chest and waited for me to embrace her. How could i resist the opportunity, i placed one hand around her back and the other in the back of her neck and puller her in closer. I could feel her breathing slowing down and her body temperature coming down.. she pulled away slowly and looked up into my eyes. I held her neck and i leaned down and kissed her. We locked for what seemed like an hour water falling all around us while we exchanged touches with our tongues. As she separated from me she looked into my eyes and smiled, her closed hands resting on my chest became alive moving downward. Now it was i who was leaning on the back of the shower wall anticipating, longing for what was about to happen.

before i could even look down she had me in her grip and before long i was breathing heavy and struggling to keep my balance. I could tell she was enjoying herself returning my earlier teasing ten fold. Her hand was moving slowly up and down with her thumb putting extra pressure on the center of penis working her way from base to tip. She would move in quickly and lick or kiss areas of my head and jump back just as fast. It was not long before i was ready to explode but she had other plans.

She stood up to my surprised look but her face put me at ease, i knew what she wanted and she was not going to have to even ask for it. I laid down on the floor, the small streams of water falling on my stomach stung a little but i did not care. above me was my object of desire standing with each foot on opposite sides of my hip she smiled. I was getting even more turned on by the site of her naked body over me, but it was not long before she made her way down. She bent over and kissed me backed away and smiled again, i could feel her fingers on opposite sides of my penis and watched as she lowered down guiding me into her. Her face changed, that cute smile turned to an expressionless face fallowed by a wide gaping mouth. Her eyes rolled upwards and a she let out a slight moan as the tip of my penis entered her. She moaned even more as she worked her way down and it was not long before she had me fully inside her. She regained her composure for a moment looked into my eyes kissed me softly and started to move.

Forward, back, forward, back, i could feel her from the inside squeezing me tighter. Her rocking motion soon gave way to a more pleasing up and down rhythm. Her light moaning turned sharper, louder and more expressive. By this time i was also slipping into a blissful haze, the shower celling began to blur and her moaning seem to echo longer in my head. Her rhythmic movements became more erratic and her grip on my chest became tighter. I knew what was coming and lifted my hands upward and garbed a hold of her breasts. Firm yet pliable i rubbed them down to the nipples and grabbed hold, squeezing lightly i could tell she liked it as her moaning became even louder then before.

A simple pinch and a slight twist and she has reached climax. She slowed but did not stop. She bent down to kiss me once again but this time longer and much harder, what began an dominating kiss became more submissive as i leaned upwards and took a more agrssive charge. i grabbed her waits and began to mover her up and down faster. I was almost at that moment when i let her go from our once again prolonged kiss, she jumped off me and began to once again move her hands up and down my penis. only this time she was much firmer and faster. She bent down and inserted my penis into her mouth going half way down and still firmly rubbing with one of her hands while messaging my balls with her other.

I moaned arched my back and let myself go. Things began to shift into focus but i could still feel her tongue moving around my head as i continued to release in her mouth. The familiar feeling of being sucked as you climax, the warm waves of pleasure rolling over me. She lifted her head and i felt the colder air blow across where her mouth was once, she moved slowly and put her head on my chest. We felt the rush of the water hitting our bodies and we did not want to move.

Eventually time got the best of us and we stood washed our bodies and turned off the water. Our simple shower lasted over an hour and a half. We dried our selves off and checked our appearance in the little spot on the mirror that we had cleaned of steam. I hung my towel on the rack, standing naked i turned to find my partner half leaning on the counter smiling at me. Her hair was slicked back and she had her towel hung in a dress form hiding her breasts and almost covering her crotch. I smiled back walked towards her and kissed her. She was about to turn when i pulled her back and picked her up. I had her in my hands looking into her eyes as i walked her out of the bathroom. This will not be the last shower she will need today.

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