What to do?  

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7/30/2006 4:27 am

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What to do?

I like to build up the sexual tension for a day or two. Doing things like sucking on Shy's tits every time they are exposed. Nibbling on her neck when she least expected it. Sticking my hard cock in her face and asking for a kiss.
That really makes Shy's pussy wet and makes for a really, really, good fuck.

We knew for a few days that we wouldn't have our children on Friday night, so we had been building up the tension.

After I got home from work on Friday, Shy and I distributed the children across the land.
I took one home on my motorcycle. Shy took ours +2 for their over night visit.

I got home first and put on the porn. And I don't just mean one moving. I had one on the big screen in the living room. The computer in the living room. The T.V. in our bed room and the lap top in our bed room. 4 movies at once.

We showered and ate dinner and watched porn. The dinner time porn was Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.
We had never watched it before. Lame. Good thing it wasn't our "warm up to sex" movie. That was "My First Gang Bang 3".

When the pizza was gone, we got the digital camera out and started taking some pics. (We posed 2 of them in our profile).
This got Shy's pussy real wet. She likes playing in front of the camera.
Too bad we don't have a sexy female to take the pics for us. hint, hint

After a half hour or so of sucking, licking and picture taking, we moved to the bedroom and watched some more of "My First Gang Bang 3". At this point in the movie, it was an all girl orgy. Not sure how that fit in, but we sure enjoyed it.

Anyway, after some mutual masturbation, I kinda stood/knelt with my cock in Shy's face for her to suck. This position allows me to rub her clit while she sucks.

She can tell when I'm getting close and and pulled me out of her mouth and started jerking me. I asked her if that's how she wanted my cum.
She replied with "is that what you want?". I thought about it and told her that I wanted to cum in her pussy.

After a really, really, good fuck, I said "you like me to cum on your tits don't you". She said that she did.

I knew that last night we would have other children spend the night with our children on Saturday night, so I told her that Sunday night she could jerk me off on her tits. She liked that idea.

Well, last night, we took the children to the local park. While we were there, we ran into grandma. She told us she would take the children Monday night.

Now. Here's my dilemma. Do I build the sexual tension up for another day and wait until we have the house to our self?
Do I satisfy my carnal lust tonight?


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