Swing Project - Part II  

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8/7/2006 3:39 am
Swing Project - Part II

What a hot weekend! It was just too damn hot to do a whole lot of anything, but I did manage to get started on the Swing Project.

Friday night, we went to Lowes and picked up a 2x4, paint and 3 eye bolts.

Saturday, after breakfast, around 10:00 AM, I was ready to get after it.
I won't bore you with the details of sanding, filling, sanding, painting.

About 6:50 PM I put the last screw to hold the mounting to the ceiling. It's ready for it's maiden test.

First I hang from the hook. Good.
Shy gets the swing. I hang it and get in. A little creaking, but good.
Shy gets in the swing. Good.

We put everything away and waited until the children were asleep.

Fucking in a sex swing takes a little practice.
First, you have to get the height right. Sure does kill the mood when she has to climb back out. Then I have to get a chair, shorten the chain, get a hard on again and see how it fits.

Don't get me wrong. Any time I can have my cock in Shy's sweet honey pot, I'm happy. But this wasn't mind blowing sex.

I will say this; for eating pussy, you can't beat the swing.

Next weekend, I'll "finish out" my mounting.
When it's all said and done, I'll post some pictures.


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