Hmmm...Nightfall approaches  

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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5/10/2006 3:48 pm
Hmmm...Nightfall approaches

The Shy One is seated at her writing desk..candles casting shadows within her chambers...she is writing...the only sound in the room is the scratching of quill upon parchment...she closes her eyes for a moment and then continues rarely pausing...just the scratching on and on throughout the night....

~She feels a presence but shrugs it off...then the feeling again... followed by the hot breath against her neck...her eyes close....warm breath yet it raises chills....
then the hands grasping her shoulders...holding her from turning around to see who might be behind her...
a deep voice whispers breathlessly into her ear... "don't be alarmed..relax"
Soft lips brushing against her nape...making her tremble slightly...her breath being held....a smile creeping along her mouth. Her hair being pushed aside by a the head of one whom she knows...even still raise goose flesh upon her.

Her tender breasts feel this chill and respond in kind the rest of her skin. The touch of her hair moving along her shoulders and the soft kisses have not only stopped her from what she was doing...but she remains holding her breath.

"Breathe my love...we must not have you pass out yet"...whispers this faceless being.

Lips trace a path from the back of her neck...and now down the side to the front. Her eyes open and a sharp intake of breath is audible in the very quiet chamber. Her head turns slightly and is greeted by the dark hair only.... as the lips continue their course.
The strong hands now sliding from her shoulders and sliding their way down to her arms, holding her firmly. Hands raising her up but remain in place and move her away from her chair. She can do nothing but be stand ...rather shakily as the path continues to be traced. It stops as suddenly as it began..and the hands remove them selves from her arms.At her ear the voice whispers again to her... "stand still my love".

Her bodice is being fumbled with and being undone loosens on her body. Her excitement rising...she tries to remember to breathe. Slowly her dress is being slid open to her shoulders...then as it reaches her is given a gentle slides down and off of her. The whisper of taffeta..rustles down her body. Laying at a heap at her feet now.

Strong large hands grasp her shoulders once again. The move her towards the bed post. The posts are dark heavily carved wood... very ornate. As she nears the post...her arms are lifted up with the guidance of the warm hands that held her yet.

Her skin tingled, with not only the chill of the chamber, but of the events that were unfolding with her in their midsts. Her arousal was increasing with each breath she took...wrapping itself around her and her lover. Closing in on them fast and enveloping them.
With her back still to him..he has her pinned against the raised bed....She feels his knees against her thighs..pressing into her... a fumbling of material ..and the feel of warm skin against her own....
Fingertips tracing from her neck,... down slowly to the small of her back. Tracing along the contours of her body and sliding between the soft parts and harder parts of her skin. His hands slowly encircle her waist and meet in the front of her...pulling her back to him....his warmth...his rising passion. She moans softly as his breath against her ear..whispers to her in a low gravely voice...

"You will be mine tonight"

With that he slowly enters her fiery core ....she crys out into the night...his body all over her yet only behind her. He holds her tightly against him as their breathing increases and her moans escape into the room. Slow steady movements sliding their bodies together....the flicker of the candles seemingly in time with their movements....arm around her waist and strong calloused hand sliding down from her stomach down to her thigh and then up to her warmth her fire...her moistness.

Her hands grasping in her fists the silky covers of the bed in front of her...grasping ...pulling in an effort to save herself yet to only hold onto something to not lose herself to her desires.
Friction between their bodies the heat caused through their combined warmth a sheen of sweat on them both causing their bodies to slide against each other in some erotic slow dance...

A deep rumbling growl from him stirs the fire within her making her body shudder against his ever pleasing him more and and inciting them both to push on reach for that with which they seek...that they need and want so badly...His hand cups and cradles her soft firm breast within his calloused hands...stroking it squeezing it...rolling it within his fingertips making her utter sounds like a kitten trapped with nowhere to go.....kneading them pressing ...pinching the hardness that he has caused.

He feels her body clenching him deep inside and holding him tightly.... causing a guttural exhale to come from him mixing in the air around them with her whimpering. His hand slides down to her wetness again and strums against that which gives her the most pleasure...Her voice raises up and echos back to him off the stone walls and he thrusts deeper into her core..... wanting to become a permanent part of her.

Removing himself from inside of her...he turns her around...lifts her up and onto him...wrapping her legs around his waist...he buries his head into her neck and suckles on the soft and intoxicating taste of her flesh and kissing on her flesh on the one side and then to the front of her onto the other side... causing her body to tremble and shudder against his....His mouth finds hers and she hungrily attaches herself to him....entering his warm mouth with her tongue...tasting him wanting and needing something to grasp into her ...she finds his tongue and grasping it between her lips she sucks on it hungrily...her arms wrapped around his neck holding on to him as he continues to thrust deep within her to reach her core release her inner fiery essence...their breathing colliding against each other as their bodies slam into one another..on and on it goes not wanting to end ...

He feels his inner fire rising fast and holds onto her legs tighter and pressing her body tightly against his ,,,she tightens her grasp onto him and fearing the end..... but desiring to feel his heat fill her reaching her core drives her on ...rolling her hips against his thrusts...

One final thrust and his fiery heat fills her amid her cries and his bellowing of her name as their fluids mix in her body and trickle down the length of they hold each other fast ..their breathing subsides and the room once punctuated by the sounds of their love now quietens and for the little crackling of the odd candlewick...their glow warming them still....

Laying her gently upon the bed...he covers her and lays beside her...stroking her face and her hair...smiling at her kissing her gently, tenderly...she smiles up at him...kissing him back in turn...he holds her in his arms till her breathing his gentle and softened and she sleeps..then he closes his eyes amid thoughts of her and he sleeps.~

The Shy One...pauses...places the quill in its place and sits back...smiles wistfully...standing she walks over to the doors of her chamber and leans against the frame and looks up into the bright moon and sighs ...smelling the hair and hugging her arms close to her and watches as the night creatures come out to play...closes her eyes to think of the lovers of the night clutched in embraces all over. She smiles.

(c) ShyWhisper2006

rm_blue061245 72M
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5/10/2006 9:44 pm

ShyWhisper, your writing is very evocative and provocative. Reading this piece, I could imagine myself playing the male role and observing your reactions, so well desribed. Needless to say, I found your article very stimulating. It would be very interesting to try acting out these fantasies of yours.

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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5/10/2006 10:24 pm

*smiles...and blushes*

peguiz 61M

5/10/2006 10:34 pm

I became lost in your writing...tonight I will imagine the moon is bright and begin my sleep with thoughts of lovers clutched in passionate embraces.

Thank you for sharing the beauty and heated passion of the Shy One's adventure........

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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5/10/2006 10:57 pm

*bows head slightly...whispering softly*
...Your most welcome

SirMounts 104M

5/16/2006 11:29 am

My, you have outdone yourself, here. I cannot think of anything better, that I have read on this site.
Thank you so much for that, shywhisper. *smiling warmly*

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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5/27/2006 12:56 pm

Your most welcome Sir Mounts *smiles*

rm_anacortes 75M
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7/22/2007 11:38 am

You might not believe this!!!

I met a lady thru AdultFriendFinder and I got to know her.. she shared with me a detailed account of a regular "visitation"..

The visitation was always the same..the same control over her..the same fury of passion..the texture of the union, the pace, the passion..the bonding with a "stranger" entering her room by stealth.

Soooooooooooooooooo what do you think...

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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7/23/2007 1:31 am

    Quoting rm_anacortes:
    You might not believe this!!!

    I met a lady thru AdultFriendFinder and I got to know her.. she shared with me a detailed account of a regular "visitation"..

    The visitation was always the same..the same control over her..the same fury of passion..the texture of the union, the pace, the passion..the bonding with a "stranger" entering her room by stealth.

    Soooooooooooooooooo what do you think...
Sounds wonderful...I would even go as far as saying I was envious in a way...

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