My 1st time gurl/gurl fantasy!  

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My 1st time gurl/gurl fantasy!

I'm not looking for anyone to tell me what I did or didn't do right as far as story formats I just wanted to share my fantasy even if the paragraphs or format isn't correct. DON'T critique it JUST enjoy the story!!!

I always fantasized about my 1st experience w/ a female to be with someone that was somewhat of a stranger.

She opens the door & takes my hand. As she leads me in, she pushes me against the wall & kisses me tenderly on the lips. She tells me, “Have a seat” as she pours me a drink with LOTS of ice. I drink ½ the drink as we talk small talk.

She reaches over & kisses me a little harder this time, as she reaches into my glass for an ice cube. She takes the ice cube & rubs it on my lips as she tenderly kisses & licks the melted ice cube off my lips.

She tells me, “Drink up because I have something to show you”. I do as she says & she leads me into the bedroom where the ONLY light is coming from the candles she lit before I got there. She turns on some soft music & kisses me. As she kisses me she reaches for something & tells me, “Close your eyes”.

Again, I do as she says. She covers my eyes with a blindfold & kisses the back of my neck while her hands start to explore my body. I try to touch her & she tells me, “Keep your hands to yourself. This first experience is all about me pleasing you”. She undresses me slowly kissing my body slowly down from my neck to my shoulders & then to my breasts where she lingers for a few minutes. She slides my jeans down & kisses my thighs. She eases me down on the bed & tells me, “Lay back & relax”. She takes off my jeans & my shoes. Before I know it she is kissing & sucking my toes. She tells me to roll over onto my stomach & she’ll be right back. I don’t know what she is doing because I am still blindfolded. The anticipation is turning me on more & more.

I hear her come back into the room, close & lock the door & place something besides the bed. She whispers in my ear, “Be quiet & DON’T make ANY noises”. I feel her sit next to me & start running something soft up & down my body. It’s so soft it runs chills up my entire body. She doesn’t ignore ANYTHING from my head to my toes & everything in between.

She starts to softly kiss, lick & nibble her way down my neck, my back, across my ass & down the back of my thighs. I hear her reach around in whatever she placed besides the bed. I feel something cold dripping down my back & her tongue is licking up every drop. It feels so good I want to scream but she told me to be quiet.

She whispers in my ear & asks me, “Do you like what I’m doing to you? If you do, just shake your head, yes or no”. I shake my head yes as I’m told. She tells me “I’m glad, now turn over”. I again do as she asks. As I turn over she kisses me hard on the lips, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I try to touch her & she grabs my hands & says, “I told you not to touch me.” I hear her reaching for something & before I know it she is handcuffing my hands to the headboard. She whispers in my ear, “Now you have no choice but to keep your hands to yourself”.

She kisses me again as I feel the same softness I felt on my back being rubbed from my neck to my fingers back up then down to my breasts & continues to touch every part of my body to my toes. I’m thinking that this girl really knows how to please a girl. She hasn’t missed one part of my body. She stops for a minute. I begin to think she left when I feel something hot on my nipples. As my nipples tighten up she whispers in my ear, “How do you like that hot candle wax?” I whisper back, “It felt so good.” Before I knew it I felt that cold feeling again as she rubbed the ice along my nipples of wax. As the ice mixes with the wax she gently peels the wax of & uses the ice to clean them off completely. I want to touch her so bad but I can’t move my hands at all.

She kisses me again & I’m kissing her back as hard as I can because it is the only thing I am allowed to do. She giggles knowing what I’m trying to do & she pulls away & moves her tongue down to my nipples. Her hands are caressing every part of my body. For the first time she stops her hands between my thighs. Before now she had just rubbed that soft item, the ice, her hands & her mouth across that area in a teasing way but now she stops & begins to explore with her hand as she is sucking & biting my nipples. I have never been so turned on & wet before in my life.

I could feel the wetness as she rubbed a little harder & just when I thought she’d finally put her fingers inside me she stopped. I heard her reaching for something again. I heard her tearing some paper like she was opening something. She rubbed something across my lips & I could taste & smell the sweetness of an Orange Popsicle. I thought FINALLY my Popsicle fantasy was really happening. She pushed the Popsicle into my mouth telling me, “Suck on it”. As I was sucking on the Popsicle she whispered in my ear, “You know what I’m going to do with this Popsicle don’t you?” I shook my head as she took the Popsicle out of my mouth & kissed the sweetness from my tongue. She rubbed the Popsicle on my breasts & cleaned up every drop before it could drip any further. Between the sucking & licking the Popsicle was melted & she has to reach for another.

This time she went strait to my moist & eagerly waiting pussy. She rubbed the Popsicle on my clit & I almost jumped out of the bed. She told me, “Spread your legs as far apart as they will go”. As soon as I did as she asked, she slid the Popsicle inside of me. I let out a soft moan. Before I knew is she spanked me on the outside of my thigh & whispered to me, “I told you not to make ANY noises.” She began to work her tongue on my clit as she slid the Popsicle in & out. It only took a few minutes for the Popsicle to melt away. She continued to lick up every drop & I was finding it soooo hard to contain myself but I did as she asked & kept quiet. Again I felt her reach for something although she NEVER took her mouth off of my pussy. I heard a buzzing sound & before I knew it she was inserting the buzzing toy inside me without EVER removing her mouth from my clit. My mind was racing as I thought; she sure knows how to use her mouth. I was enjoying every moment. Between her tongue & the buzzing toy that she was fucking me with I was about to go through the roof. I couldn’t take it any more & came more intensely then I ever came before. She removed the buzzing toy & drank every last bit of my sweet juices.

I thought the pleasure was over until she whispered, “Oh no baby girl, no rest period here. When you feel the handcuffs being removed I want you to turn over onto your hands & knees but DON’T touch me. OK?” I shook my head yes. “I’ll be right back” she said.

She never left the room but I heard a lot of rustling around. After a minute I felt someone get back into the bed & threw my legs apart again. Next thing I knew I felt a big hard dick sliding into me. I couldn’t feel anything with my hand as I was still handcuffed so I didn’t know what was going on. Where did he come from? I thought it was just the two of us girls. I didn’t know who this was all I knew is that I was being fucked hard & fast & then soft & slow & it felt GOOD. I was about to cum again when he pulled out. I felt the handcuffs being removed & I turned over as I was told to do earlier.

I felt someone licking my pussy from behind as fingers slid into me. When I was really enjoying it, whoever it was stopped again. I felt someone kneel between my legs & start fucking me doggy style. Whoever it was, his dick was sooo hard & I was being fucked like I’ve never had it before. He knew just where & how to hit the right spots. He began spanking my ass quietly as he fucked me harder & faster. I was holding back waiting to cum together whoever he was. I began to wonder if he was EVER going to cum when I couldn’t wait any longer. I came all over that hard dick as he fucked me hard until I couldn’t cum anymore. He turned me over & licked my pussy dry. He licked me up to my breasts & then kissed me in on my mouth.

WAIT! I thought why does this feel so familiar? I felt him reach up & untie the blindfold. It took me a second for my eyes to adjust & I saw HER smiling. I kissed her & whispered in her ear, “That was sooo much better than I ever imagined.”

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Thanx! Glad U liked it!!

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