The kind of woman that ....  

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8/17/2005 6:13 am

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The kind of woman that ....

That leads him to fantasies of chance encounters and massage oil and a hotel room.

That lets his mind wander to the nape of her neck, the shape of her breast, the softness of her lips.

That drives him to imaginations of gentle caresses in the midst of heavy breath and sweltering passion.

Passion for slow disrobing and wild kisses.

Passion for a lick, a touch a breath on the neck, the earlobe, the shoulder and down to the breast, to the belly, to the thighs.

Passion for finding the sweetness of her moist womanhood and gently licking and licking gently at her stirring clitoris while opening her legs.

Excitement at feeling her hand at the back of the neck, her quietness giving to passion. hips thrust forward, wet vulva in full view opened like a flower for fingers and tongue.

Passion for the attention he pays her with skill and joy, watching her movements, listening to her soft moans as he licks, touches. Her pussy lips, her clit, her wetness all for the savoring.

Savoring the taste of her and kissing her thighs. Excitement swelling and breath coming faster.

Switching places madly, her hair brushing him as she grabs his throbbing cock and nibbles at the tattooed skin of his chest and thick, strong arms.

Stroking him, kissing him, sucking him -- tongue exploring his shaft and the hint of precum at the throbbing tip.

Sucking his cock and caressing his balls breathing hard through her nose and now both are moaning.

Looking each other in the eye, mouths hanging open, his hand on her breast, her hand on his cock. No stopping now.

Rolling over on the bed and him, sucking at each nipple while pressing his hard tool into her wet cunt.

Thrusting with animal instinct and a gasp. At last! embrace! and better than was imagined.

Pausing and restarting, tongues and lips exploring, hands too, grabbing.

Girating more quickly and forcefully, all instinctual.

Fucking with abandon, the cock is wet with her pussy's juices and a tingling ecstacy is lingering between her legs that is shooting back to her spine and growing more electric with each thrust and gesture.

Building orgasms wanting to be savored and so, wo move again, she is on her knees and he is behind finding her hot wet hole.

Holding now her hips and gasping and groaning his balls are swollen she is ready to shriek and cum.

The bed is shaking, the movements animal, the climax is near.

He can no longer hold and as he begins to explode into her sopping cunt she feels the twitch twitch twitch and an orgasm shoots up her spine and every cell of her body is awake.

The climactic waves ebb and flow back and again and again.

The moans become cries and echo in the room.

He fills her with his cum, she is digging her fingers into the bedsheets and biting her lip as the room swirls.

The crascendo of their fucking is almost run out.

A deafening stillness fills each as the last few thusts are delivered and each holds tightly to the moment.

They collapse and scurry to embrace, chests and lungs heaving, sweet mositure of perspiration and saliva exchanged in a furious kiss.

Grasping at each other, they are wrapped blissfully limb in limb breating, blinking, dazed together, lost in each other, hungry for each other. The room, forgotten, the circumstances forgotten the world beond each other, a veil.

Another round will begin sooner than expected but not to lose this glow.

They sigh heavily and look in each other's eyes. The fantasy is fulfilled and moreso. A smile, shyness flashes across her face. He, too is starting to remember himself.

The answer is another passionate kiss .... it will be a long night, indeed.

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