A little somethin somethin  

ShyCornerWatcher 46F
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5/17/2006 6:13 pm
A little somethin somethin

So where do you go to hook up and get a little somthin somethin? Your place is out and his is too, if you catch what I mean, so where do you go? If a hotel is in mind then who pays for it?
Where are some places that you all have went to?

PappyBear694U 47M
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5/25/2006 9:45 pm

I remember one time, my ex-girlfriend and I didn't have a quiet place to go, so we parked my truck in a secluded spot by the river, threw an air mattress in the back, and had an absolutely incredible evening.. . . and morning! The weather is getting better for that now.
During the winter, it would have to be a hotel. If it is something that occurs often, you would need to talk about who pays, or split the cost.

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