The Prodigal Daughter  

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1/7/2006 8:12 pm

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The Prodigal Daughter

I stayed with my parents practically from the time I moved back here in 95 until last month. my sisters, unless they needed something didn't contact them all that much. My oldest sister was the worst, and right now it hurts too much to go into detail, as hindsight is 20/20, and I bleed inside to what I didn't clearly see then.

After my mother's funeral, she never called my father, or come by to see him, and wouldn't return his calls. He was hurt by this. When he was really really sick, and bedridden, I called her and told her she needed to come. She wouldn't. As a matter of fact, before he was even that sick, when he was in the hospital just before his surgeries, she called my other sister to call me and tell me that she was sick of them using her as an emergency contact because they kept "bugging" her. But when she found out he died, she beat me and my other sister to the place he used to work to make sure she got her share of the insurance money.
She called me after to say she just couldn't stand to see him like that. I was like 'Who gives a fuck what you wanted? He was dying, it was about HIM!!!'

At the gravesite, he left instructions that the flag was to be left to me (he was a Veteran in the Air Force). I signed the papers and everything. Then they showed up, we all chatted - she would not talk directly to me, but she talked with my other sister and my daughter.

The service was beautiful, they saluted really slow, and played taps, and there was a lot of ceremony in how they folded the flag and the meaning behind each fold and everything. Then he presented it to me on bended knee, I couldn't help but cry.

But before the man could get to his feet, this bitch is reaching for it talking about it belongs to her! She tried to snatch it from me! Of course I told her no, and told her not to make a scene. She was screaming at me, saying she was born first so she gets it, etc. They were ready to call the police. It was bizarre, like some badly written soap opera. I just walked away, and went to get in the car with my half-brother.
She jumps in the car, and clipped my jaw, and continued to try and steal it. I told her she didnt deserve it, and I didn't give a fuck about what order she was born in, she should have been there for him, and at least helped change some of his diapers, or brushed his teeth, or washed his hair, or help give him a bath when his arms and legs wouldn't move anymore, or Goddammit, said good-bye, at least!!!
I was struggling trying to hold onto the flag and get out of the car, and she punched me in the back (it still hurts). All this happened in front of my daughter, by the way, which upset me more than anything. We eventually drove off, after making her get her hands out of my window, and she screamed after the car that I was a greedy bitch and took everything that was important, and that I should have never been born.

It bothered me the whole way home (the cemetary is in the bay area). But the way I figure it, if I hadn't been born, noone would have been there to take care of them. D (my sister) wanted to put them in a home back in 1990, just because she thought they were too old.

I may be wrong, but I still feel that the flag should be mine. She didn't deserve it. You can't just use people, push them away, and then try to come back when it's over to reap all the benefits. It's just not fair.... I had to mentally decide to loosen my grip to beat the fuck out of her, or keep the flag. Unfortunately I'm not left-handed, as she was sitting in the driver's side, but, oh well.

Someday, my daughter will be the one to have it, because he helped raise her, and is/was the only father figure she ever had.

Yes, I did keep it. It's perfectly intact, with all those meaningful folds. It means a lot, almost as much as the rain (smile).

Can I just say - she may have gotten in two good punches, but I still got the flag. So.....ha ha haha ha!!! *giggle/ouch!

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1/8/2006 1:53 am

Shy, pardon my expression, but...You do the Damn Thang girl!!

In all honesty, the flag rightfully belongs to you. Besides all of the obvious reasons, I'll tell you this...being part of a National organization and having to serve as head of the Honor Guards during the funeral and burial, I have to make contact with the family. In doing so, I always talk to whomever was the primary caretaker (other than spouse) to find out who is most responsible to receive all forms of regalia. This does not mean that the one born first always receives something.

I sya that to say that I confirm your belief in what you did was the right thing. The physical blows will heal...eventually. But the blow that hurts the worst was thrown by you and your sister will have to live with that punch for a lot longer.

Why is it that a person that is never around thier loved ones in their time of need are the ones who seem to make the most noise when that person is deceased? I tell you this, guilt is a bad mutha...

Sorry for rambling. Keep doing what's right for you and your daughter's sake. Take care and keep your head up. And watch that left hook next time!


~The Scorpion King~

ShyBigGirl9 48F

1/8/2006 3:38 am

I love you guys!!! Thank you, most sincerely.

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