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ShortFellow99 63M
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6/10/2008 6:57 pm
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I am philosophical. I wonder about "things", especially human behavior and interactions. As I read more and more BLOGs and profiles, it seems that there are lots of complaints about "no-shows" for promised meetings, people who don't accurately describe themselves, misleading photos (some more than 10 years old), and a general sense of disappointment. And most of these complaints are made by women.

As a man, and one who is simply trying to find the "other", I can't even imagine such boorish behavior and outright lying. Don't these people realize that sooner or later they will be caught?

So what is a semi-normal guy supposed to do? Most women here are bombarded with Winks, Nudges, Kisses, emails, and so on. Us guys (the normal ones) are almost never contacted first. Of course, many, many of the women (and some men) are not paid members here. So they cannot initiate contact.

Why would you join a site (allegedly to meet someone) and NOT pay for its use? Ladies, we would be very happy for you to initiate contact.

Now I am rambling.

Part of the "problem" here is that many of the registered users are not serious about meeting someone. Instead, they are voyeurs. Of course, that is simply my opinion, but think about it for a moment before you dismiss the thesis. I suppose there must be some entertainment value in torturing others with something that isn't available, and I suppose some people actually get "cold feet" when the MEETING is planned. And some people join the site in order to read about other people through their profiles and BLOGs (and to some extent, to see them naked). There is nothing wrong with this, but I somehow don't think that is the real purpose of the site named "AdultFriendFinder". Aren't we here to "find" someone?

As to me, I joined this site to meet someone. I have been communicating with a lovely women (from this site) whom I hope to meet. She is real. And through our (as yet) limited correspondence, I share a sense of friendship with her. And isn't that the purpose here?

kattt9 59M

6/10/2008 7:40 pm

I've made good friends here, and although I probably fall under the "voyeur" category, I'm upfront about that with women I meet on this site. Many of the women here are basically just interested in online friendship or cybersex, which is fun too. I keep my expectations low and play it by ear. I don't equate AdultFriendFinder with E-harmony or other such sites.

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