The Alpha Female...  

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7/10/2005 8:36 pm

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The Alpha Female...

So I have to admit this ended up being a better weekend than I thought. The Alpha Female and I were able to get together more than we expected this weekend.

The Alpha Female?? I’m sure you all have one (and girls, an Alpha Male), they’re the one’s you spend the most time with because they fill your needs the most. Some people call them girlfriends, some call them lovers ‒ to me she is the person that gets first dibs to my personal time. I have other “friends with benefits” but they have to work around the Alpha Female’s schedule. A lot of women can’t accept that and move on, which is fine, I certainly understand. Other women are very content with the arraignment, since they aren’t looking for anything more than I am at this time, and they have there own ‘alpha males’ and just need a change of pace now and then. A win-win situation. And since I’ve never misled the Alpha Female one way or another, I’m not “cheating” in any way.

Anyway, I went over to her place Friday night where we engaged in one of our patent pending 2 hour long marathons. The thing I love most about her place is that she has a vanity next to her bed with a large upright mirror. So when I have her on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed, I can watch myself slide into her and then look up and see the face on view of me doing her from behind. The thing I hate about it is that for some reason (and sometimes I think it’s a mental thing) I can’t cum standing up. So after a bit I did have to roll her over and finish it the old fashion way. But make no mistake a very awesome night.

We then spend Saturday at some friend’s house where we spend the day in the pool stoking the fires. The evening ended in a very frustrating but hysterical way ‒ let’s just say that neither of us were satisfied. Hopefully next weekend will take care of that. In the meantime, there is Monday through Thursday to think about, and the possibilities that they bring. Thursday night is my fun night. It’s the night I go on dates with women I meet from dating websites or go out to the local bar and have a few drinks with the local talent. But rest assured that Friday night will find me back at the Alpha Females, hopefully staring into my reflection. I can’t wait.

So guys and girls, tell me about your Alpha (Fe)male or equivalent. We’d all love to here about it. Coming up next…I just have to ask you about Shy Girls, but also the Jekyll/Hyde of Internet dating site posting needs to be explored. Until then…Peace…

Post Beer ‒ Three Floyds GumballHead ‒ I had the pleasure of meeting one of the brewers for Three Floyds at the Real Ale Fest in Chicago about five years ago. Since then, I’ve felt it necessary to try every new beer that comes out of the brewery. Their GuballHead is a bottle conditioned American Wheat. It is clean and crisp without that clovey taste that you get in a lot of wheat beers. It has a nice mouth feel and finishes with a slight lemon touch. The bottle conditioning gives it a little less carbonation that the average beer, and of course leaves a slight bit of yeast sediment in the beer. Still all in all another excellent beer from Three Floyds. Please enjoy responsibly.

Day since I last was naked with a member of the opposite sex: 0

Passion dates: 0

Nascar Pole: Brian Vickers and Johnson helped me, but god did Gordon Kill me.

Movies: Batman Begins ‒ Truly, I thought it was only OK. The best part was the last 10 minutes when they foreshadowed things to come. The filming was dark, so dark that sometimes you couldn’t tell what was going on. But I did get to see it on the Imax screen, which is slowly becoming my favorite movie experience. I give it a Matinee ‒ If you’re not a big fan of the Dark Night, only pay Matinee prices or else, wait for the DVD.

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