Here's to shy women!  

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7/12/2005 5:47 pm

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Here's to shy women!

So several months ago (longer than I care to remember ), I received a communication from a woman while I was on another dating site. The initial communication went very well, she seemed to know when to take it to the next level, and I was very happy that only two weeks later I was meeting her on Thursday night at a bar that was near her house.

As I sat at the bar nursing my beer (I always try to arrive first), I kept glancing at the door waiting for my date to appear. The funny thing was, the weather at the time was warm and the bar door was open. Finally, I glanced out the door and saw a car pull into the parking lot. Out stepped this woman and I went “Uh, oh”.

You see, I firmly believe all pictures lie (more on this in the future), some lie for the good, some lie for the bad. Her picture was definitely for the good. Simply meaning, she was a lot better looking in person than in her photo. Her picture showed a cute, straight haired, redhead seriously looking at the camera. The woman that walked into the bar that night was very cute ‒ she had curled her hair, which had grown several inches since the picture was taken, and the smile on her face lit up the room!

Anyway after exchanging a few pleasantries we went to an empty table in the back of the bar. We talked for several hours on every subject that came up. We were laughing and having a great time just being out and away from our kids. At one point, we both fell into silence, “Wow, is that it! We’re out of topics!” I said jokingly. To which she replied, “No, I’m just shy at first. It takes me awhile to warm up to people.” That sentence was repeated several times that night as we continued to talk about everything and anything.

Finally, after she returned from the bathroom she slid into the booth across from me and said, “So what would you like to do right now?” Now, I'm not sure why - probably because things were going so well between us - but for some reason I felt that at that moment the truth was the best answer. “Kiss you”, I returned. With a twinkle in her eye she said, “Well why don’t you?”

We spent the next five minutes kissing softly when she finally stated, “We’ll have to save anything else for a time when we have more privacy.” Feeling the avalanche building I offered, “Well, we could add more privacy to the evening.” Then next thing I knew we were out in the back seat of my truck. The topic of returning to my house came up, but she seemed hesitant, so I didn’t push it. But I have to say, she definitely spent over an hour and a half in the backseat of my truck doing things that “shy” girls don’t do. Of course as always, I made sure I gave as good as I got, and the memory of that evening is one I shall cherish forever, especially since I’m not the kind of person that that kind of thing happens to normally. Sadly, our time together only lasted for a handful of dates. For reasons I won’t get into, we just weren’t right to move forward in a serious capacity.

Anyway, a smile always runs across my face every time a woman I’ve just met tells me, “I’m shy”. Because I know that, although it might only happen once every million times, those shy women can sometimes rock your world as much as the non-shy ones.

And as a PS ‒ she was drinking O’Doel’s ‒ so please, no “she was probably drunk” replies. Every now and then, a blind squirrel finds a nut. And that was a great one.

So if you got any shy woman (guy) stories let’s hear them! It’s time to pay homage to the ‘shy’ people of the world!

POST BEER ‒ One of the few naming traditions in beer lies in the fact that if the name ends in ‘ator’, it’s brewed in the double bock style. The tradition comes from paying tribute to one of the originators of the style, Paulaner SalvATOR. Much to American brewery’s credit, most have kept with that tradition. Thus we have S’muttonator, a double bock style beer from the Smuttynose brewery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The beer has a deep dark color and is bottle conditioned. It has a nice nose and an enticing sweetness in the taste (cherries?). The ingredients show slightly, with caramel and roasted malts peeking their heads out from behind a very lightly hopped brew. The alcohol content is not listed on the bottle that I can see, but I have a feeling that it’s slightly higher than the 7-8% you would normally see in this style from Germany. Over all a nice beer, but then again I have a soft spot for Smuttynose brewery and the style of Double Bock. So your mileage may vary.

Until next time…grab a double bock and a shy girl…and rock on! Peace.

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