shit rains  

ShezaPleazer 37F
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12/8/2005 9:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

shit rains

well, as always, I get excited about future adventures and then something happens... this week it is my molar... I took 2 bites of dinner on monday (yes I can cook as well) and felt excruciating pain... I knew it was coming too, I initially cracked the crown when someone brought rebar to a fist fight and since then every knock or jar has broken off another piece... so its been open awhile and I had scheduled to get it taken out when my dentists was taken down for molesting patients... no sleep monday night and I made it through most of tuesday laying on the couch almost in tears thinking "dont be a sissy lala"... Ive been shot, stabbed, run over, burned, beaten, tortured and Ive given birth- just take the pain... that worked until I could no longer eat, drink, or swallow and the waves of pain had turned into a steady hum with extreme peaks... and funny thing was I was laying there thinking, I bet sex could take my mind of this... *shakes her head* finally tuesday afternoon I broke and called every dentist in town looking for someone to fit me in before they closed... luckily someone did but they werent able to take it out right then... instead they gave me drugs and sent me home until the raging infection cleared enough for an extraction... needless to say with the painkillers and a couple of my sleeping pills I slept away the rest of the evening and night... spent most of wednesday in the same state, waking only to pop more medicine and pain killers... today I wake up to snow (I thought I requested to leave that stuff in montana) and what better excuse to crawl back into bed and induce a drug stupor? so unless the penicillan tames this infection by tomorrow I think my weekend is shot, again... sorry if Ive left anyone hanging but my mouth is out of service for the weekend *pouts* and this gurlie is going to crawl back in bed...

tycosales 62M

12/9/2005 8:51 am

GET WELL SOON ! I Know sex could take your mind off of this

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