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12/10/2005 11:24 am

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Slightly Loopy

being in bed allows you to catch up on a few things... reading and movie watching mainly.. I thought I could catch up on some much needed masturbation as well since my appetite has not been wetted by the extreme fever and raging infection... but apparently my ability to cum is directly tied into the medication Im taking since try as I might I couldnt climax... rats ass... it was compounded when I watched Devils Rejects last night... although the movie was pointless and a little dull, the gurlie in it was hot and I was all too willing to fantasize about that tight little ass every time she flaunted it... *sighs dreamily* funny enough I see some gurlies on here that look similar to the actress... now why the fuck would you need a personals sight (regardless of the content) if you looked like that? Ive had that kind of body (its hard not to when playing volleyball and working out 6 times a week) and it wasnt hard to pretty much walk up to most any guy you spotted (sans wedding ring) and bring him home... so how many of these profiles are faked? *tsk tsk* I suspect quite a few because most of you guys seem a little dubious when first writing to me... although if I were going to fake I think I would have posted a better picture... trimmer waste, prettier face... thats just me... lol but do know that in good health I intend to live up to some of these threats Ive been issuing

tycosales 62M

12/10/2005 4:49 pm

Please threaten me....please ! You are right, a lot of the women are fake. Or real but their job is to get your real email address and bombard it with other sex sites selling pics & video clips. I knew you were real with the first blog, multi pics, and you filled out the "View more of ShezaPleazer's responses" profile section. I'm glad your here (in ARK & on AdultFriendFinder)

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