The Trucker  

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9/27/2005 12:09 pm

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The Trucker

I am a domme and ususally arrange meetings with subs at motels. My next favorite activity is
to drive enfemme seeing what attention I attract from the truckers. I will pull off at rest areas and am sometimes approached by the drivers. I have often been propositioned and even offered money once or twice but never dared to go through with it. It is a game that has always been about flirting, teasing and power for me. Most truckers, in deed most men only have enough blood to operate their penis or their brain but nor both at the same time. So in the dark I pass well enough. I am about 5"11" with a little extra padding that results in a nice looking ass and well shaped legs, I have small hands and feet, and not too prominent an adams apple. But my shoulders are broad and hips narrow. My features are masculine but with long hair, bangs and heavy makup, I look OK. I can do a sexy, sultry, voice. My fear was that one of these guys with a bit more blood than normal would have some doubts and pull a Crocodile Dundee to see whether I was a Heila or a Sheila

Recently I had acquired a latex vaginal applaince fro Castle Supply. It was the one that has not only a place for your penis to hide but a cavity for your partner's penis to enter. Between this and my breast forms that attached to my chest with adhesive, I figured I would create enough of an image that the risk of being read was low.

Last month I was very horny and not able to set up a sub for a little motel session. I decided to take the plunge on a Thursday night. I was driving back from Sourthern CT dressed like a high powered business woman. I was wearing dark blue dress that buttoned all the way from the top to the bottom, and a white waist length jacket , 2" black pumps and some nice jewelry.
Of course, underneath I had on my phoney boobs and cunt and a black waist cinching corset to give me a more feminine look. The corset had garters holding up thigh highs and I was wearing a very sheer ( read seethrough) little black slip, no bra and no panties.

My car has a sunroof which I leave open and I unbuttoned the dress up to my waist so the truckers can get a good view. I was driving east on I95 around Fairfield when I passed a truck and the driver blasted his airhorn, I sped up and he started to weave in and out of traffic to catch up. That's when I knew I had him. I pulled into a rest area near Milford CT and parked a little way away from the other cars. Sure enough he pulled in to the rest area. I opened my car door and crossed my legs, lit a cigarette and waited for him to show up. He was a Canadian, about 6'1", a little heavy and he smelled of stale cigarettes and coffee. That turned me off a little but I was so horny I decided that I didn't need to kiss him I just needed a fuck. He asked "Can I buy you a cup of coffee or something to eat?" In my best husky, sexy voice I said "what I am hungry for they don't have at Mc Donanlds. I could tell he was getting hard, but he looked at me quizzically, no doubt a symptom of inadequate blood flow to the brain. I took a long drag, batted my eyelashes, exhaled in his face and said "I am hungry for a long thick cock" I glanced down at his crotch and asked "You wouldn't happen to know where I could find one?" He said "I got what you need right here, but I want to fuck your pussy" As we talked I had unbuttoned a few more of the buttons on my dress so that they were all undone. I stood up took another drag and held it, through the butt down and ground it out with my shoe, blew the smoke in his face, and opened the dress and said "Ladies first, if I like your cock, you get my pussy, now get in the passenger seat!"

I unzipped his fly and grabbed his cock, it was about 7" uncut, and thick.
First I rubbed his cock with my hand, then I took his balls in my mouth, then peeled back his foreskin, slid a condom and my red lips over his throbbing cock.
I started very slowly moving my head up and down, he was moaning but I took my time, then finally i strted going faster and fasted, my head bobbing uo and down furiously and then his cock exploded in cum. We sat in silence for a few minutes while I fixed my makeup. I had just lit another cigarette when I noticed his cock getting hard again. He looked at me expectantly, I said all right stud, you can fuck me but keep yor filthy hands off the rest of me I got out and walked around to his side opened the door, and hit the switch to move the seat back as far as it would go. I leaned in grabbed is cock and put another condom on it.then I climbed in, knelt on the seat facing him, and I reached down and grabbed his cock again and I carefully guided it to the appropriate hole . I felt him enter the cavity. I kept smoking as I swayed from side to side and then back and forth, over and over, occasionally I have a little wriggle. He started to pump and I picked up the ryhtum and moved up and down, this time it took him much longer to cum but I didn't mind at all. When he finally came I was feeling very satified. We said our goodbyes and I drove on home.

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