The First Time  

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7/7/2006 3:24 pm

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The First Time

As we laid there.....wrapped in each others arm and pulled me closer to you.....our lips met.......the desire to love again was still there...even though we had already loved each other for hours. But our kiss is so explosive each and every time we kiss.......that it ignites the fires that burn steadily deep within our heart constantly for each other. Our kiss is the fuel that makes our passion grow and burn hotter and hotter. And we proved that as we made love as we had NEVER done before.
Our passion was heating ......and our bodies were tingling with the desire to please one another. I felt you reach over to the side of the bed and retrieve something. You kissed me more passionately than ever before and then you broke away from me ......told me "I love you" and turned me onto my stomach. Your hands were caressing every inch of me as I turned over...and I felt something cold....and I could smell raspberries and realized that you were pouring raspberry oil over my back.

Your hands started at my neck rubbing and massaging the oils into my skin. The excitement of that was starting to make me shudder just I could feel your strong staff pushing against my butt as you moved up and down my back with your hands. You moved your hands all the way down my back...up over my butt and down my legs. The oil was letting your hands move with such ease...caressing every inch they gentle and so tender.

You moved your hands back up to my butt.....and began massaging it....around and around while at the same time you were spreading my legs apart with your knees....further and further until they were as far apart as they could get. Each time you would make a round you would move your hands in deeper between my legs until you were "your cookie" You sighed with delight at the moisture and the heat of my wanting you.....of my desire for you.........of wanting to feel your strength inside me. Each time you came to "your cookie " you would push one of your thumbs... just barely inside.......just enough that you could feel me pulsating...trying to pull you further .......deep inside me. And with the other thumb you would find my little button......and touch it ever so gently.....just soft enough...but hard enough to make me shudder harder and move my body in anticipation of what was to come....only I had no idea.

You poured more oil onto me....only this time you poured it onto my butt.....and you were beginning to massage between my cheeks.....rubbing the oil in as you moved your fingers over my tiny brown hole. Oh the excitement was building in both of quivering and sighs of approval and your voice telling me "yes baby"......"relax" .....and feeling the drop of moisture
on your staff as it rub against my legs.....continuously hitting against was so rock hard ....and so wanting.

Your fingers were concentrating almost totally on my brown hole.....and you were slightly moving them in and out......just barely. The sensation was overwhelming....and very erotic for both of us. You moved in closer to me so that your staff was there at "your cookie"......just barely touching me...and at times entering with just the tip. I could barely control myself.......we were both breathing so heavy.....and I was pouring the juices from "your pussy" with every word of sexual desire you spoke from your erotic and sexy lips.

You were moving just one finger in and out...all the way now.....but it was difficult to do as I was moving to my excitement .....moving to feel your erect......hard staff within me. The pleasure you were giving me was so erotic. You never stopped massaging my butt....all the while having one finger in me.......deep inside my brown hole.....and beginning to move the second and third finger in also. You were moving them deep into and out with such gentleness......making way for your strong staff.

The desire to have him deep within my little hole that would be stretched with just the insertion of the very tip......was so intense......the juices from your staff was dripping onto me as you removed your staff from your hot throbbing cookie...and your fingers from my little brown hole. I could hear your words of encouragement.....of sexual desire.....of love and the wanting to make this as beautiful as when we make love in every other way. You moved your hand that had been continuously massaging me with the raspberry oil and took hold of your wet pussy......and with the other you guided your staff into my hole. As you slid it in....every so gentle.....ever so slow....I found myself beyond control.....I felt myself giving into my desires to please you and make this special for make this so very exciting and erotic. You let out a loud moan of delight and erotic your hard staff made his way into he entered my brown hole. I could not control my movement you had to grab a hold of me to keep yourself inside me. You were moving deep inside me now......all the way in.......the sensation of your huge....strong...stallion staff inside my brown hole was thrusting me into such orgasmic pleasure that I did not know if I could hold on much longer.

You were thrusting him deep inside me.....and pumping him hard and harder.........not letting up at all. Oh I could feel how wonderful it felt to your strong be there.......the tightness......the erotic sensation of it......oh you were thrusting to hard....and harder...and harder ..until neither one of us could hold on any longer and you EXPLODED inside me.............a feeling like I have never felt before.....a feeling....a sensation that blew us both away.

We laid there for a little bit before getting up to clean up. And as we did....we felt like our love for each other...and our passion had gone to a new level.....for we had shared something so intimate special that only two people who truly love each other can we did. You gently kissed my lips and assured me of your satisfaction......of your enjoyment......of your desire for me......and of your everlasting love.

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7/12/2006 3:20 am

all I can say was that was sooooooo hot. welcome to the world of anal sex. I hope it was good to you.

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