A fine looking woman's first time...part one  

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8/17/2006 9:47 pm

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A fine looking woman's first time...part one

I think all of us on the site are apprehensive about who we're actually going to see when we set up a meeting with someone from the site. Sure, we can talk on the phone, but that doesn't always mean anything. I had even seen my girl naked on her webcam. Yet, I still was shocked by the beauty standing before me when she showed up at my door last night. She was dressed in a white ruffled blouse with quite the plunging neckline and one of those GREAT pair of jeans that look like they're painted on without looking TOO tight, you know. The sexy pair of heels she had worn made her tower over me all the more.

I took the bottle of wine she had brought and gave her a hug. We lingered over it quite a long time and I wondered whether we'd ever bother getting through the wine, lol. We had done nothing but make small talk and flirt for 2 solid weeks, yet we gabbed like old friends and made eyes at each other through TWO bottles.

Then, I actually asked her if she wanted anything else to drink and she laughed. "Shee, either you're nervous or you're trying to put me at ease. If I was unsure of this, I wouldn't have come here, and if I had been nervous, all this wine would surely have driven that out of me!" She was right, I was over-compensating, trying to make a newbie comfortable.

Now that she had said that, the air was super-charged with expectation and our mutual attraction. "Well," I said to her, "why don't we get something out of the way and I think then we'll start enjoying ourselves." With that, I sat backed down beside her, grabbed her left hand with my right and ran the back of my left hand against her cheek.

As I leaned in to kiss her, I heard her audibly gasp and inhale in anticipation. The kiss was incredibly gentle and slow at first. I kept caressing her face and softly rubbed her knee up to her thigh. She was kissing back, no doubt, but she wasn't moving at all, lol. I broke the kiss, looked at her, and said "Raylene, you don't have to be a statue, there's no reason to be scared with me, just act on what you're feeling."

She was breathing heavily, and her cheeks were flushed, obviously turned-on. "Act on what I'm feeling huh? Ok." She smiled and got to her feet. She undid her button-flies....far too slowly for me, and gently tugged them off. She threw them on the chair and was already pulling her shirt over her head when I turned back to her. She threw her hands up over her head and did a pihouette, wearing an evil little grin the whole time.

"I went to Freddy's today", she said, and shook her little tushy in my face. She was wearing a pair of those string-side thongs and a matching, form-fitting cami that was BARELY containing her. I grinned right back at her, held out my hand, and said, "Help me up."

She grabbed it and pulled hard, yanking me to my feet and almost knocking the both of us to the floor. We laughed and shared a hug. I couldn't help it and grabbed 2 handfuls of bare ass and pulled her close. Her laughing stopped abruptly when I started tracing kisses lightly from her neck to her shoulders to her amazing cleavage.

She reached down and roughly yanked my tank over my head, then frantically pushed my skirt to the floor so she could grab MY ass with both hands. We both have 2 good handfuls of ass, but tits are a different story. In about 2 seconds I had her bra on the floor and my tongue was drawing circles all over her chest. I lingered there for as long as I could, teasing her nipples while I lightly starting rubby her pussy through her thong.

Don't you love it when you can feel the heat coming off her pussy through fabric of some sexy undies? God I wanted her so fucking bad at that moment! I dropped to my knees and in one quick movement, yanked her thong to the floor. As she stepped out of them, I breathed her scent in deeply.

But before I could attack her, she pulled me to her feet, untied my thong and undid my bra. She grabbed my head with both hands and put her forehead to mine. "This is what I most looked forward to Shee, pressing my naked body to yours and sharing THE best kiss. I haven't kissed you very well yet though, so come here." For what must have been 15 mintues or more, we just stood there in my living room, tasting, touching, rubbing and caressing.

She suddenly just stopped, grabbed my hand and began walking toward my kitchen. She stopped...looked at me and said, "I was gonna be all take-charge and sexy, but I just realized I have no idea where your bedroom is." Laughing, I grabbed her hand and started running down the hall. We charged into my bedroom, giggling and jumping onto my king sizer. She landed on top of me and it took us about 1 tenth of a second to get down to business. It took me about 20 more minutes of massaging, running my fingernails everywhere, tracing my lips and tongue over every centimeter of her, but finally I made my way down to her pussy. I couldn't believe the view that I had with her sitting on my face! Her pussy was almost bald and so beautiful, her tits sat up high on her heaving chest and she bit her bottom lip.

The way she was shaking when i finally slipped my tongue between her lips, I can't even describe. It was like she was cumming already, she didn't seem to be able to control her muscles. "You alright baby?" "Yeah...I...I...just can't believe it's happening and I can't believe how fucking soft that tongue is." I did my usual tried and true routine involving complete avoidance of her clit until they beg and soon her hips were bucking so badly I wasn't sure I could keep my tongue where it needed to be. She was moaning long and loud and begging, finally demanding that I "get that fat fucking tongue onto my spot now!"

I might have teased her for another minute, but not much. When I finally sucked it in between my lips and flicked it side-to-side with my tonuge, she dug her nails into my back and thrusting her hips forward, as if she hoped my tongue would turn into a cock. But she obviously had what she needed because in about 2 minutes flat she flushed, stiffened up and started repeating, "oh god, oh god" over and over again.

She came hard and rode my face for another 15 minutes or so until she came again. Then came the moment of truth, it was her turn. I expected her to be apprehensive, giggly, unsure, but I was totally wrong. She didn't even give me any warmup. My tits are tiny, but my nipples are very long and sensitive. She gave them a courtesy lick and went right for the goodies! LOL.

We had talked about just relaxing and doing to me what she liked having done to her, and she followed my advice to a T!!! There were some missteps, she attacked my clit too early for one, but when she settled into it, it was fantastic. She wasn't clumsy with her fingers, she didn't stay in one place too long, she even played with my bum! I matched her 2 orgasms and then, just as I thought she was gonna stop, she put an entire finger in my ass! Not many girls give me multiples the first time we're together, but there's a first time for everything right!?

She crawled up and put her head on my chest, stroking my tummy and thighs, lightly kissing my neck and tits. Catching our breath, we started talking. Realizing we felt we had started something here, we started planning for future meetings. I mentioned a certain Shawn in ATL that we could have fun with and she wanted to know more. Naked and still dripping, we checked out her profile and logged onto say hello.

However, I couldn't take that for very long so I went and got my toy box, kneeled between her legs while she finished up with our sexy-ass hottie, and she decided to randomly pick out something. Ben-wa balls were the choice, but I vetoed that, I thought we needed something more substantial. One thing she had told me was that she didn't have much experience with bum play, but she'd enjoyed what she had done. So, I got a little butt out, leaned her back on my chair and rubbed the opening of her ass with it, simultaneously burying my tongue in it as far as it would go.

Slowly, I eased the plug inside. It was uncomfortable at first, but I licked her pussy for a few minutes and she gradually relaxed and her ass sucked it all in. When it slid into place and she moaned, I knew she was ready. I put her on the bed doggystyle and grabbed my best strappy. She was soaked, but my strappy is pretty big, so I eased that in as well. She was making a LOT of noise and grabbed a pillow to bite, but I took it away. "I wanna hear you baby!", I said and she turned her head and smiled. When she did so, I nearly lost it myself. She SO beautiful when she smiles!

I started pounding her hard and fast and slowly moving the plug around in her ass. "Grab my hips Shee and fuck me harder!" I grabbed her with both hands and when I did, she balanced on one arm and reached around and started playing with the plug with her other! My god it was sexy! After awhile of this, she must have sensed herself getting close and started using that hand to rub her clit. It wasn't until I threw in an occasional smack on the ass that she went over the edge. When she did though, it was dynamite!

"Gonna cum if you can fuck me harder Shee!" I didn't think harder would just do it, so I lightly pulled her hair back with one hand while I grabbed her hips again with my other and threw the dildo into her as hard as I possibly could. "Oh shit yeah, pull that hair baby!", she moaned and was now FRANTICALLY frigging herself and soooooo close. I stopped the hair pulling, gave her one more smack, told her she had the sexiest ass I'd EVER seen and that's what did it!

"OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!", was what escaped her lips at that moment, and she grabbed 2 handfuls of bedspread and pushed her ass back into me...HARD, looking for just another inch to get into her pussy. I pulled out and offerred her the cock. She looked at me a little funny and later I learned she'd NEVER tasted herself before (!!), but she barely hesitated and cleaned herself right off of my toy. After she'd caught her breath, she looked at me with lust and said, "now you pick one!"

Taking the chest from the end of the bed, I reached in and pulled out....Mr Double Header!! She smiled, reached for it and put one end into her mouth. She surprised me one more time with the sexiest question I'd ever been asked..."We gonna start ass to ass or pussy to pussy?"

To Be Continued...

hotallykat 47F

8/17/2006 10:57 pm

God, that sounded heavenly!! Glad you made a wonderful match!

aaron6491 37M

10/30/2006 4:19 am

hey i planned on goin out for halloween but still dont have any plans yet and if that this sounds like something that you might be interested in then respond to me on myspace if you can. 'aaron i' is what you can use to find me.


6/11/2007 6:12 pm

that was probably the sexiest thing i have ever read. man i could picture everything that you did and the way she looked at you and everything!!!god that was hott. i only wish that i could have been there to join in...well, just thought id let you know, keep up the good work and i hope to hear more stories. xoxo ashley

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