Sugar Baby for Life  

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8/17/2006 7:22 am

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Sugar Baby for Life

Hidey Ho Neighbors of Blogland! I hope I was missed here. I have been very busy this past 2 weeks and had not found the time to write in my daily blog. Ha, TOO BUSY GETTING BUSY!

I will update you on the current events. As you all know, or well maybe you don't but classes start for me August 28th. I am taking Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology! Yes, all that at once. I was thinking about Statistics, but I have my plate full as it is. But things are looking up.

I am a member of another website that promotes meeting, dating, or sexual hookups. Well the other site has more guys who are readily willing to empty their pockets for you. A plus for me since I have MUCHO college tuition needing to be paid. And I'm unemployed right now. All they require is your attention. What better way to live? I can do that! Hell I do it enough here. And I'm not getting paid for it either.

But it isn't as if I am prostituting myself or anything, but I do like the occasional gift along with my gift to the men, or women on here. So I would prefer a little more of something along with all the sex you can get. I mean its like a buffet or something. I don't care much for sex to take it that far. I don't share often, and I don't share well. I like the finer things in life and am about to get all of what I deserve. I work hard at what I do and being a great mother to my son.

I think sometimes a gift in return is okay. Though I can get those gifts without this site, I've learned that the secret to conquering most men...Oops I can't tell you that!

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