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9/7/2006 5:20 pm

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I'm Kite Flyin'

Hello All you Bloggers!

Is it just me or is today a GRRREAT Day? I am so happy. My babys daddy and I had a nice afternoon together. I think we may be trying to start over. I know we had sex! That's awesome!

I am in such a good mood. My mom finally found a babysitter for my son, he's going to be living with her. I'm gonna miss my baby but its going to be better for all of us. I can work full time and go to school.

I think I've become a gambler. Or maybe a pretend one. There's this computer game from Hoyle Casino. It is sooo cool. I've learned to play Texas Hold 'Em and won trophies and all. You play against the computer, you can play against other people. I can't stop. The more money you win the higher your credit is. It is so addictive. Everytime I play its like I gotta get more and more money. I'm constantly playing it. Screaming at the screen.

Sometimes I'm like so scared I'm going to lose. Right now I've got $247,000 and a gold card. My babys daddy has $3 million and a platinum card. He's really good!

I Get High, high, high, high (Everyday)
I Get High, high, high, high (Everynight)
I Get High, high, high, high (All the time)

[Verse 2]
Ayo, I smoke like a chim-in-ney
Matta fact I, smoke like a gun when a killa see his enemy
I smoke like Bob Marley did
Add to that, that I smoke like the Hippies did back in the 70's
Spit with the finishing touch
Get this, that I'ma finish you before I finish the dutch
I get high like the birds and the planes
I get high when, bullets hit faces after words exchanged
I get a rush off the blunt and the walls, you understand
Like the M-5 pedal when its touchin the floor
I get high cuz fuck it, what's better to do
And I'ma neva give a fuck cuz I'm better than you

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