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8/20/2006 9:16 pm

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Comments In My Blog

Hi! Its been a lonely Sunday night. I can't find my baby's father for sex. And so I'm like unusually hot.

Anyway, I was searching through Blogland and I was pondering. What makes you want to comment? When you are strolling through the blogs, what catches your eye? Is it the dirty titles you want to read, dirty pictures, or stories about sex nights with people we've met from here?

I have chosen not to disclose any information about anyone I've met here. I think its probably best that way, just in case that person does not like what I say.

But I have noticed that I comment on things that I've always wondered. I read some of the blogs that get most attention, but most of them I don't even look at. I think its sort of like a rat race. I try to remember to write in my blog even if no ones gonna read it. It helps me to think. I heard Oprah say, "Its cathartic" Besides I have so many ideas in my head it helps relieve some of the pressure. Like in my book I'm writing. Its to die for!

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