April Fools 2005  

ShawnRikar 37M
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4/3/2006 8:56 am
April Fools 2005

It was a usual day for me got up and was headed to a friend's house for watching movies he had just bought and to meet a lady he wanted me to. I stopped at a convienience store and bought a scratch ticket. Normally i don't mess with them, but the lady behind the counter was very cute, and just had to stay there that much longer. I got my ticket and headed over to the friends house. Once there i had told him about the lady behind the counter and that i had bought a scratch ticket. We watched 3 or 4 movies and the lady i was supposed to meet had not arrived yet, so i decided to see if i had wasted my money like usual. i scratched the spaces like the directions said to and found out i had won $100,000!!!! I mean holy crap the most i had ever won was five bucks on a $5 ticket. i called the store i had bought it from, and they said to bring the ticket down for varification. I did, and got referred to an address on the back of the ticket in small print. The address was in Omaha, and figgured what the hell i can drive there for 100 grand. I finally found the address, and went into the office building, and presented the ticket the the lady at the desk, and was sent into a meeting room. I got there and in came 15 people with cameras, balloons, and one of those huge checks like are on the prize patrol, or you give for winning the PGA Tour or something like that. I was estatic at this point, and was ready to head outta there and start spending my new found chunk of change and asked where i could deposit the check in my bank account to make sure i could get my party spree started. They said I could not cash the check, because i would never get it into the doors of a bank very easilly. I said i would keep the big check as a momento, but wanted the money. At that point i see 4 of my friends walk in a side door and yell at the top of their lungs "APRIL FOOLS!" I was kinda dumbfounded, because even at this point i did not realize it was even March yet let alone April. I checked my watch and sure enuff if was april first. Well i threatened them considerably, but then we headed out for a night on the town. Those are my friends for ya, spending hundreds of dollars to make sure it looked real only to get you on April Fools Day.

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