A few Questions From a Guy  

ShawnRikar 37M
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3/31/2006 1:31 pm

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A few Questions From a Guy

Ok ladies, i have a list of questions. PLease answer as many as you can, or want to but please keep the numbers there as much as possible. I know it sounds like a rule maker here WHOO HOO, but i have done alot of stupid things in my past, and have acquired a list of questions that I have no clue on the answer to them. I have asked other guys these questions and i haven't gotten many definative answers.

1. Why does a women's locker room smell like roses, flowers, and perfume and the mens lockerroom smells like all ass all the time no matter how much cologne is poured all ofer the floor, lockers, ect?

2. Why are some people cautious about nudity when others will hide themselves from the possibility of someone maybe overhearing something that sounds like they might have had the possibility of showing 1 inch of skin?

3. What is up with women and the weight concern? I am not talking about people that are worried about whether they should eat a certain food or not, but the ones that say they can't think about what a steak looks like because they will gain ten pounds. I am no scientist, but don't you have to eat the food to gain the weight?

4. Why do most laidies know the complete design of their wedding down to the last detail, except what the groom will look like. Are guys just a stencil cutout that you stick into the wedding?

5. Why does it matter with the toilet seat ladies? Guys need it up, if you leave it down, we can put it up. Ladies, of course, need it down, if guys leave it up can't you put it down? Personally i look where i sit because i know alot of pranksters that take advantage of people who don't.

6. Why do some women dream of anal sex, while others fear it like it is a serial killer or something?

7. Why do some women like the thought of being with a guy in cowboy boots? Is there a fetish thing there or is there something to the physical attraction of a guy in boots?

8. How can a woman's temperature change from being way too hot that she needs to dive into the freezer to being so cold that she needs the heater on the car cranked to full in less than 20 seconds. Side note it was just the two of us there.

9. Why does size matter to you ladies? All the hotspots are right there within the first 3 1/2 inches, everything after that is just there. Does it really feel that much better?

to finish off the list we have a doosie of a question......

10. What is the wildest thing you have done stone sober?

just for all of you i will answer this one...
Peed on the windshield and hood of a parked cop car at a red light in rush hour traffic.

rm_1freshfeline 32F
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3/31/2006 2:19 pm

9. it is not so much length for me but thickness is what i care about!

i love feeling filled up.

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