Fantasy #4  

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3/15/2005 7:06 am

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Fantasy #4

I used to work for a fast food place a long time ago. My buddy was the assistant manager and got me the job. There were quite a few good looking ladies I worked with. Being the flirt that I am, I used to have some casual chat and nothing ever came from it. We were in a big hiring frenzy and it seemed like a new person was starting every week. I was told a new girl was starting so I figured I should introduce myself. When she walked through the door, I was stunned. I caught my breath and felt weak in the knees. Something about her made me melt.

It took me half the night before I could approach her. She was very nice and seemed very shy. We began some casual conversation and I think she was as nervous as I was. A small crowd of people came into the restaurant and we both had to get back to work. I kept thinking about how I wanted to run my hands through her hair and caress her sweet lips with mine. I'm sure some co-workers had to notice that I had a hard-on, since I had to keep adjusting myself.

A few nights go by and we were working the same shift again. I find out that she just recently broke up with someone. I also found out she was a big flirt too! So we start verbally messing with each other at work for about a month. The dialogue progressed into us telling each other how we'd like to fuck. I flat out asked her if she wanted to come over and finally get our fuck frustrations over with. She was very eager and the date was set.

I was working a split shift and she had her ride drop her off 2 hours before her shift. I took my lunch and met her in the parking lot. We drove back to my place and went straight into my bedroom. We were both shaking. excited, horny and nervous at the same time. I broke the ice by giving her a long passionate kiss. Clothes came flying off and I layed her on my bed. I kneeled down and began to lick her pussy. She tasted so good. As I licked her, I inserted my finger and began to finger fuck her. She was moaning and getting very wet. I stood up and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. I eased my cock into her and began fucking her. Her pussy was tight and she was squeezing my cock with every thrust. I kissed her while we were fucking, our tongues probing inside our mouths. I could feel myself building to an oragasm. I grabbed her hair and began thrusting as hard as I could. She screamed out in pain and pleasure and I came inside her pussy. I collapsed on top of her and we layed there for a few minutes. I could feel my cum leaking from her pussy onto my legs.

We cleaned up and drove back to work. Our faces glowed all night. We shared a few more intimate times together before she quit. I wouldn't mind having a few more rounds with her. But as they say, all good things come to an end. Sometimes I wish they didn't.

ShavenStud05 44M

3/22/2005 4:28 pm

The answer to this fantasy:
Everything was a reality. I still have wet dreams about fucking her every now and then.

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