In the beginning.......  

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7/24/2005 11:23 am

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In the beginning.......

I often ponder this question. Have most girls minds been so twisted by their upbringings that they aren't capable of conducting relationships(casual or otherwise)like and adult? I have begun to think this is the case. Why do you continually make silly life choices while at the same time recognizing that it is an unwise choice? It reminds me of the struggle drug addicts have getting clean. I should have become a psychologist. I seem to find the girls that are fun, smart, a bit wild, and yet have no direction...with a total inability to be stable. This surely can't have anything to do with me can it? Hell no. That I refuse to believe.
Case in point. The quick rundown. Meet very attractive girl. Long blonde hair..guys...doesn't long blond hair kick ass. She was quite reserved and cautious..but after seeing her for a month or so...had really come out of her shell with me. It was clear very early she was a bit of a tortured soul. Nonetheless...she seemed completely in control of herself. Adult relations were out of control. Our chemistry was great. I could talk for hours about the sex...but I'm not. Then in 24 hours it was done. She had an ex that was suddenly calling and basically stalking her since he found out she was seeing someone. He commenced to set up a meeting with her and her mother to talk it out. Our last conversation was her feeling overwhelmed with the pressure put on her by him and her mother..and that it was easier to just do it then do what she wanted. Also made the point of telling me she was sure the decision was wrong. WTF? That is the kind of girl I seem to find...or they find me. And girls wonder why so many guys crap on them.


7/24/2005 1:12 pm

um so are you mad cause u were falling for her and wanted relationship, or mad cause she wont be having sex anymore? personally i could never date anyone who was on this site lol. i think its all for fun and wouldnt want to start a serious thing with someone who was on a sex site instead of or something. i just dont think alot of people on here are looking for relationships, just to fuck around. but hey theres plenty of "fuckers" on here so move on to the next one and good luck!

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7/31/2005 10:42 pm

Thanks for the comment sugar. No...I am perplexed at how many people, both men and women, have such a difficult time being honest with themselves and therefore others.

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