So Many Questions For Tiger  

Shameless_Biotch 49F
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8/26/2006 2:17 am
So Many Questions For Tiger

So many Questions For Tiger

Reminders of you,
everywhere, even on my keychain,
in my kitchen drawer,
in my jewelry box.....
Tinkerbell no longer lives there now,
too painful to view
and Mickey has been put away in a drawer so I won't see him by mistake....
the memories of you used to be comforting and fun,
now they just hurt,
so bad
I don't want to remember you anymore,
my heart aches
my arms long for you
it's been so long,
and you have not given me any good memories lately....
just silence
I don't want to love you anymore,
but I do
I am hurt most by the lack of communication,
by your lack of trying for US
I knew I was far down on your list of priorities,
but I was led to believe you would try.....
Why didn't you try to save this??
Why didn't you try to save our love, or even our friendship?
So many questions,
No answers

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