(sighs)size and thighs  

Shadowlover454 73M
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4/6/2006 12:41 pm
(sighs)size and thighs

Okay now that I have your attention shall we get undressed - hmmmmmmm that is a mighty big pecker there bud - you buy web enlargement products lol.

And missy that landing strip leads to a veritablegarden of pleasures

Does size matter to you ? or are you more concerned with what I or any other guy can do with it?

How about waistlines and bustlines - what size there is right for you - my gawd I have run into guys with bustlines bigger than some of the bbws I adore.

How big a pussy makes for an ill fit - or does it really matter as long as my tongue works and I can get it licked.

Damn I am getting horny thinking of getting out the tapemeasure hmmm can't find it gotta use my tongue to measure. okay ladies line up for the taste test heh heh.

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