Encounter with a Stranger!  

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5/11/2006 2:25 pm

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Encounter with a Stranger!

I saw him casually walking into the doctor’s office, where I was waiting. We caught a glimmer of eyes and he smiled. I smiled back. He was tall, thin, and tan, with light brown hair. He had a look of confidence about him, dressed in khaki dress pants and a button up shirt, oh how I would like to unbutton that shirt and see what was inside. I sit there hoping he would sit by me, thinking he would not. After all, it was a big office with lots of chairs available, I was seated on a couch, one of the many placed in the open area. I watched him at the front desk, he was talking with the receptionist, well there were two of them and they both wanted to talk with him, I smiled at that. He was making sure he had the information he needed, he was a new patient. The receptionist gave him a form to fill out and told him he could go ahead and go to the lab and fill it out while he was waiting, he smiled at them and walked away. I turned away; I didn’t want him to think I was staring at him. He was walking my direction then he sit right beside me, he smiled again at me. He spoke and said “lots of paperwork” I agreed. He told me he was new to the area, moving there from someplace, I didn’t catch it, I was lost in those big brown eyes of his, so caring and soft. How could he be ill, he looked so healthy. I told him about the magazine I was looking at and told him to get a copy, it was a local magazine that highlighted the restaurants and hot spots of the town, he deeply appreciated the information. I so wanted to say hey why don’t we go have lunch after we get done here, but I was shy and could not make my tongue move to do that. He smiled at me as though he knew what I was thinking and he said, “Hey, why don’t you take me out to lunch to a nice restaurant, your choice, and I will pay?” I could not believe I just heard him correctly, but I did, he asked me to lunch, this never happens to me. My hesitation caused him to wonder and he added, “I promise I won’t you, at least not on the first date” He smiled big showing his straight nice white teeth. I relaxed then and with a sly smile I said, “Oh and I was really hoping you wouldn’t wait for the second date.”

We finished up with our doctor’s appointments and left. He was driving a nice little tan convertible Sebring. I popped in the passenger seat; he confidently seated himself in the driver’s seat and looked at me, more seriously at that moment. He asked me if he could kiss me, who ever asks to kiss anymore, this was a gentleman. He apologized for asking, and added he didn’t normally respond this way to a girl he first meets, but there was just something about those big bright eyes of mine that made him melt, but he didn’t want to give me the wrong impression of this forwardness that he was responding to with me. I thought I better play hard to get at this moment, so I said lets wait to see how lunch goes, he smiled, pressure removed and agreed.

We had a nice quiet lunch in a romantic setting, candle light, soft music and a waiter that was fascinating. He ordered a blush zin wine to go with our Italian meal. All was memorable, we laughed and talked like we had known each other for years, it was wonderful to be here, but I was not used to getting this kind of attention especially from a complete stranger, a nice change. We exchanged many glances and smiles, once he accidentally brushed my hand, he held his hand there and gently squeezed mine as he looked me in the eyes and smiled. I smiled back. I knew I wanted to lavish this fine specimen of a man, but I was a lady and timing was everything…we finished our meal, he paid and we left the building. He grabbed my hand as he led me back to his car. When we got to the car, he turned me facing him, he pressed me up back to the passenger’s car door, he moved my hair softly behind my right ear as he leaned in and whispered, “I have had a wonderful moment of time with you and I don’t want it to end here, please let me spend the rest of our day together at my place?” I could not resist the temptation laid out before me, I softly agreed. He then leaned in more ever so close, I could feel his hot breath on my moist lips, I wanted this kiss, I closed my eyes in anticipation, my chest heaving and my breath panting with the arousal of intimacy. He had me right there, ready for the taking, then he pulled away. I almost collapsed as his body left mine, I stood there stunned unmoving, looking at this gorgeous face before me and wondering why. He smiled and said, “Let’s wait to see how the day goes.” He was prolonging the desire we were feeling, using the same tactic I had used on him earlier. I gathered myself together, he opened my door and I slid in.

We arrived at his place, he just lived a short distance from the restaurant. He had a nice apartment, boxes still sitting to the side of the room, but he had furniture and in the process of placing artwork in strategic locations. It was a bachelor’s apartment, safe, since I had not asked about his marital status, I was being so careless, out of character for me, but then again this whole day had been out of character for me. He asked me to sit, he went about the room, pulling the shades, turned on a stereo with the soft alluring voice of Vandergros and placing a bag of something red to the side table, he walked over to one of the boxes and pulled out a few candles. He then went to the kitchen area, I heard him run water and place a pan on the stove, he peeked around and asked if I like hot tea, I said yes, he smiled a slipped away again. He grabbed something out of a drawer and returned. He lit the candles and sit beside me, he grabbed the baggy and looked at me, I looked back, he smiled then turning his attention back to the baggy he opened it and started throwing the contents about the room. I could smell the aroma of the candles, lilac scent, I love that smell, I saw rose pedals falling down all around me, some falling on my skin, so soft. This was a romantic at heart, I loved it! He then turned to me and gently leaned in, pressing his lean chest against my mounds taunt with passion. He held his moist hot lips ever so close again for the moment before going to finish what had started hours before in the day, we held lips tight slightly open for moments in time, I began to shutter my body lifting and melting away in passionate rage uncontrolled for this stranger beside me. He latched his arms around me holding me in heated balance, he was pulling at my shirt, his desires unresisting at that moment, not caring for anything else going on, I didn’t either. I grabbed the buttons and began stripping them away, I felt his smooth chest and followed the thin hair line down to the button on his pants, I easily undone and unzipped to release the now bulging manhood held captive only moments before. He already had my shirt off, licking the dark rounded areole of my breast. He lifted my skirt and pulled my thong away, I was responding to his touch by lifting my hips to meet with his. I guided his manhood to my quiet place and they met softly, gently, wetly as he slid inside, I gasped. Our bodies moved with rhythm and eloquence, until we both reached our climax. We finished then laid there breathing heavily, all the senses being reached, I looked around at the pedals and smelled the lilac again, oh that lilac will always be imbedded in my memory with this handsome calming stranger that I allowed to take me with passion, kindness, romanticism, something so out of character for me, but a memorable experience I will cherish for ever.

Why can I not get this kind of attention from the one I wish cared as much and would lavish me with want and desire that this stranger did? The one I want to make me his one true finally found love to draw his attention to, why must we find ourselves in the arms of a stranger to be devoured for the time with attention and want? Why is it the one you want wants someone else?

SirluvsStorms 47M
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5/11/2006 7:06 pm

ummmm wow! I think im breathing hard after reading that! (smacks himself on the cheek to get the sex crazed glare off of his face) Ok im better now! Heres his mother speaking to him in his head! "PUT THAT COMPUTER DOWN AND QUIT LICKING THE SCREEN!" DANG IT!! I keep getting caught licking screens!!

Choozmi 51M

5/13/2006 11:32 am

"Why is it the one you want wants someone else?"

I can't tell you how many times I've asked myself the same question.

I'm just trying to get better at figuring out when someone is interested in me. So often when I catch a stranger looking at me I hold her gaze for a moment, wondering what, if anything, she wants. Is she looking at me with a purpose, or is it just dumb luck?

The older I get the less I think dumb luck plays a role in random across-the-room glances.

A smile helps things along.

Sexyblondy35 53F

5/14/2006 11:47 pm

Thank you Sir for reading and getting "hot and bothered" lol

Choozmi, I understand your comment here, I see glances all the time and I look around thinking their smiling at someone else, just to find out that nope their looking at me...I underestimate myself way too often...but then again that is what keeps me humble. Yes, as I get older the more I realize those glances are not so random, I am more aware of what those smiles are saying. Life is good!

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