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8/13/2006 1:57 am

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Fan Fuck

I received a photo on my mobile phone the other night. I logged onto the net to check it out, no idea who it was from. It was a very nice nude, headless guys body, the kind of body I pine for day and night. The attached note read, “I figured it was only fair considering what is up on your blog for me to enjoy!”

A is me Aliza. HG is the hot guy. This was our conversation.

A ‒ Who is this? Hot pic btw.
HG ‒ Ha ha sorry it’s ____ from that other website. Thought it was only fair as I’ve been enjoying the photos on your blog for weeks.
A ‒ haha classic! I was like, hot body but I’m pretty sure I don’t recognise that fine cock! God I’m so horny, your pic’s not helping much.
HG ‒ Right back at ya! I can help with photos and video of you.
A ‒ I keep looking at your pic and imagining my lips wrapped round your cock. You know how naughty I am.
HG ‒ I love that you are naughty… And I keep imagining my tongue deep inside that tight little ass of yours!
A ‒ tease
HG ‒ Only to get you nice and wet.
A ‒ As if I wasn’t already
HG ‒ He he… Well if I’m sitting here with a raging hard on… it is only fair!
A ‒ Such a waste
HG ‒ As is your undoubtedly tasty wetness

*new photos, close up of cock*

A ‒ okay your killing me here. I wonder what you’re like in bed, maybe I’ll find out soon.
HG ‒ I love to play… Especially with someone in tune with their sexuality… Such a turn on! Lot’s of licking, stroking, kissing, rubbing, sucking…

We met the next afternoon, this is what happened….

We’d been passing comments back and forth online for months. He’s a fan of my blog, that’s not how we met but it’s why we chatted. We both have strong sex drives. He has always been very flattering about my writing and photos, saying how much they excite him. The way he communicated with me was refreshing, well written, mature, not demanding, pushy or cocky, I liked it.

He lives near by so I suggested we meet outside my building. As soon as I saw him I thought, hot, very cute and very hot, how wonderful. Apparently his first thought when he saw me was turning me round and marching me straight back inside. I enjoyed talking to him online and had looked forward to meeting and chatting with him in person for ages, his hotness was a bonus for sure.

We walked into the park and found a bench to sit on. He told me about his exciting cool ass job and I told him about my weird, crazy life. Then we made out. That’s when I started feeling like a teenager. Necking on the park bench, so awesome. I never sit normally. I always sit with my legs twisted under me. This time I did it so he could look down my skirt. I had to hold back the urge to straddle him, sit in his lap and ride his hard cock. His sweet kisses made me even wetter. I said, “okay let’s go back to my place now!” Always the impatient one me. I am in dire need of being tied up, spanked and made to wait and submit, make me beg for it.

Back at mine he comes up behind me in the kitchen, kissing my neck, reaching round to cup my breasts. My heart skips a beat, I can feel my knees begin to tremble. I press my perky ass into his hard cock, my head swimming with desire. He pulls my top over my head. His soft hands explore my boobs, stomach, legs, bum in such a wonderfully teasing, soft way. “Do you know how hard it is for me to resist pulling your skirt up and slipping my cock inside you?” I want nothing more. He is so tender and careful, almost respectful, he’s driving me crazy. My back still to him, I reach round to feel his cock through his surfer shorts. I rub it longingly and to my delightful surprise the beautiful large head pokes out the top, well hello! Realising how long and hard his cock was made my mouth water.

This continues for a delightfully long time. But the voice in my head is shouting, “I need to see your eyes, I need to taste your cock, NOW.” I suddenly turn and bend in one movement (although probably not all that gracefully because I’m a kind of a dork at heart). I greedily take the head of his cock in my mouth, he let’s out a little gasp, surprised, delighted. I unfasten his shorts while I lick all round his head, releasing his gorgeous long, hard cock, free for my mouth to abuse. I kneel on the floor, my eyes locked on his and take his whole cock all the way in. Cheeks sucked in, eyebrows arched, yummy, best lollipop ever. I swirl my tongue, flick that special v spot, stroke and lick his balls. I rub his head against the roof of my mouth as I slide it right down the back of my throat. I proudly take most of his length, gagging slightly, my eyes streaming with tears. I look up at him smiling, he wipes the tears away. I try to smile but realise foolishly that I can’t with my mouth full which makes me want to smile even more.

I love moments like this, it’s hard to describe. I feel so utterly happy, content, blissed out. I feel like a child, open, in awe, full of curiosity and wonder. Almost innocent in my need, because it is so base, it comes from deep inside, like a fire within me. My essence. It’s like each joy is for the first time.

I just feel so positive about sex right now.

We move to the living room, he’s eager to taste me. He asks me to finger myself for him to taste. I take a sneaky lick first. He says with a big grin that I taste good. I still find this hard to believe, as much as I love the taste of pussy myself. So I smile shyly and thank him for the compliment. I wiggle out of my skirt and take my bra off. He has me kneel on the couch, my ass out for his face. He moves my g-string aside and looks at me. Unusually for me I feel self conscious in this position, in the light of day, but I try to relax and enjoy his luscious tongue licking my ass so very delicately. I can feel it slipping deep inside me. I feel embarrassed, slightly shameful. To share something so very intimate with someone I had met less then an hour ago. I try to overcome this and do. (I find it interesting to note these feelings as they are so genuine). I’m so very wet. He turns me over and removes my knickers. I spread my legs for him to see my pussy. Complimenting me with so much detail it makes me blush.

He puts his tongue to good use and his fingers, wow, he was so good, took me to another place. He licked my pussy for ages, it was amazing, I lost all sense of reality. But what brought me back was the persistent need for his cock, in me... somewhere. My mouth, pussy, ass. I craved to be filled with his sexy cock, with his big yummy head that reminded me of a hammer.

I turn round, sitting on the edge of the sofa. He’s standing in front of me, towering over me, making me feel small and submissive which I adore. I ask if he would be more comfortable sitting down but he replies saying he likes that position so he can watch me, he asks me to play with myself while I suck him. I don’t normally do this, I usually focus all my attention on the guy but it was really nice to touch myself and suck his cock. Although it is kind of like trying to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time, you know what I mean?

I really got off on the fact he got so excited looking down at me fingering myself and sucking him, watching me. Now that would have made a good photo! After lot’s more cock sucking I said, “let’s move to the bedroom.” Eagerly beaver me. I lay down on the bed, all I could think about was his cock inside me. I handed him a condom. He asks to see me play with one of my toys. I never know which to choose, they’re all favourites. I take one and rub it over my clit, I slowly pump it into me, once it’s it all the way, filling me up I start to lose it, but all I really want is his cock.

Finally I get my way. Mmmmmmm the feeling of him sliding inside me for the first time, heaven. He was very good and very fit! He fucked me well. Slowly, deeply, fast, hard he gave it all to me. Then he asked me to ride him, music to my ears. I love fucking, I get so wrapped up in it it’s hard for me to look back and describe it. It was all very good but I still wanted to experience more of his cock. He had reached round and was fingering my ass as I rode him. I was on the plateau of pleasure, just before climax. I think I take longer to cum because I just love staying at that place so much.

“I want you to fuck my ass.” I said jumping off him. I spun round onto my knees, doggie position. I lubed the condom on his cock and my ass. He knelt behind me and gently pressed his huge head onto my tight ass. I played with my clit, fingering my pussy. At first I could feel myself resisting, then I relaxed my mind. I imagined my ass eating his cock and I could feel it sliding easily into me.

When it comes to anal sex, for me the perfect penetration is three stages.

Stage 1 ‒ Head pressed slowly all the way in. Wait to allow ass to get used to the cock, relax and accept.

Stage 2 ‒ Then I like the cock pressed all the way in, the full length. I want to feel those testicles bouncing gently on my warm wet pussy.

Stage 3 ‒ Fuck my ass like there’s no tomorrow, sure slow and gently can be good too but I like it hard and fast as well, mix it up.

The only problem I’ve been having is that I cum very easily with anal sex and then usually I’m too sensitive too continue, it hurts to go on. This time I was able to keep going. I think partly because this guy actually cared and he was sensitive to how I was feeling, or maybe he was just experienced. He took it easy for a few strokes and then I was ready for more. This is the difference between experience and inexperience. An inexperienced guy, sensing that the girl has cum and that she might want to stop will sometimes pump even harder and faster to try and cum before she makes him stop, thus a bad cycle begins. You see what I mean?

I felt him cum in my ass (in the condom duh) but I love that feeling, the warmth and pressure, amazing. I’ve never had someone cumin my ass without a condom. One day, something to save for someone special hey!

It was a very fun afternoon playing. I’m now able to edit/post new pics. I took these last night, hence the weird lighting. This is what I am wearing out to a fetish night club tonight, how many numbers do you think I’ll get?


JoeWould 33M
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8/13/2006 3:03 am

Your writeing is like your legs perfect, keep the stories coming I look forward to reading more, and if you ever have a problem with material you can holla at me I'll help you asap.

rm_thebesttoy 40M
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8/20/2006 2:07 am

always a pleasure. sorry the responce is short It's hard to type with one hand

PoutineTime 51M  
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8/28/2006 9:39 am

Wow, great story sounds very familiar to an experience I have had but still amazing to read and very vivid in your description of what you see, sensed and enjoyed.

Look forward to the next episode...

rm_your_daddy51 44M
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11/20/2006 8:19 am

Your story made me so hard.I just had to jack off to relieve the pressure .

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