Anal Initiation  

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7/24/2006 11:12 am

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Anal Initiation

Back from work I shower, shave and beautify myself before slipping on a sexy, short, strapless dress that hugs my curves perfectly. I finish my outfit with fishnet stockings and some killer black heels. Out the door, I hail a taxi and we speed off to my friends house party.

I’m not usually attracted to men that are much younger than me. I tend to like older, more confident and experienced guys. But tonight there is a sexy young guy who keeps catching my eye. I can tell he’s noticed me and he seems to like what he sees. I play the room, talking and flirting with all the lovely ladies and macho men but I keep him in my field of vision, observing his interactions. He holds himself well; flashing a gorgeous smile he has a generous laugh. I can see him watching me as I move around the room and use this to plan my hook.

The drinks table is directly across from where he is standing, so I go over and ‘accidentally’ drop my purse thus giving me the opportunity to bend over and teasingly show him enough upper thigh to make him want to see more. I refill my glass, spin round and smile a little when I see that he caught my little stunt. The couple he is chatting with move off and I seize the opportunity. I approach him confidently and quickly before some whippersnapper can get to him first!

My gambit, “Hello, I’m Aliza. Pleased to meet. How do you know Tim and Claire?” He replies, “Hi Aliza I’m Bill, it’s lovely to meet you, I’ve wanted to chat to you all night.”

And so our conversation continues. Small talk first then common interests and finally onto more involved and interesting conversation topics. Before we know it people are starting to leave, the night has flown by. “Would you like to come back to my flat for a nightcap? I have some lovely Scottish single malt.” I mean what man could refuse an offer like that?

Back at mine I pour us both a drink while he chooses some music for us. Reclining on the couch I waste no time in testing the waters. I place my hand on his knee, I feel his leg move towards me. Good sign. I love being the predator, the initiator, taking on the role which has traditionally been male. Glasses down I move in for a kiss, long and passionate we are both obviously in the mood for more. I pull my dress up and straddle him, gently grinding my hot wet pussy onto this hardening cock. I pull down the top of my dress revealing my naked breasts and rock hard nipples. “Wow, what amazing breasts you have, your nipples are so dark and mmmm so tasty.” Our foreplay continues for awhile, before long I pop the question I’ve been holding back all night. “Um Bill, have you ever fucked a woman’s arse?” His eyes go very wide, he looks pretty surprised by my question. “Actually no I haven’t ever had the pleasure but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try. Why do you ask?”

Instead of explaining I leap up, grab his hand and lead him to my bedroom. I quickly strip off while he does the same. Truth is I adore anal sex, not only that but I have a real fetish for anal virgins, guys who haven’t ever given anal sex. I can see how excited he is, his long slim cock pulsating with anticipation. I just can’t wait to feel his cock inside my arse.

I rub my breasts against his naked chest letting his hair tickle my nipples. I lick one of his nipples and feel it harden against my tongue. “You like that don’t you?” His cock pulsates his answer. I believe he is officially speechless. I take his other nipple into my mouth, I suck and teeth it as my hand fondles his balls. I drop down to my knees and lick the head of his cock like a lollipop. The taste and smell of his pre-cum makes my cunt pulsate with yearning but it’s not that hole that’ll be getting filled tonight. After teasing his tender head I take his whole cock into my mouth, down my throat, my lips touching the base of his cock. I only spend a few minutes sucking him as I don’t want him to get too excited, there is more to come.

“You can sit on the bed while I prepare my arse for you, oh and I’d like to tie your wrists together.” Unsurprisingly he complies. I retrieve my sex box from under the bed and fish out some rope, lube, my butt plug and some condoms from the abyss. He is sitting at the head of the bed, his back against the wall. I tie his wrists together. “No touching yet, I want you to watch me.”

I kneel on the bed with my back to him. I bend over and begin to play with myself, my hands through my legs. He groans at the sight, I’m so close to him and I can see that tying his wrists was a smart move, the constriction is really turning him on, or maybe it’s the view. I rub my clit and finger my dripping cunt until I am super turned on. I lube up my shiny black butt plug and slowly push it into my eager arse. The first small bulb slips in easily, my breathing quickens as the second wider bulb goes in. I let out a groan at as the wonderful feeling of being filled overcomes me.

Leaving my plug in I sit up and turn to face Bill. His expression is pure sex. He wants me and my arse and he wants it bad. I kiss him hungrily while I untie his wrists. His cock is more than ready. I carefully tear open a condom wrapper and roll the condom expertly onto his cock. “Would you take my butt plug out for me?” He smiles and nods yes, a true sign of a dirty mind. Come with me, I take his hand again and lead him to the lounge where I drape myself over the armrest of the settee, presenting my arse to him. He slowly pulls the plug from my arse. A small pause and I feel the head of his cock begin to push at my hungry hole. His head slides in and the rest follows easily. He seems a little unsure so I try and encourage him.

“That feels so great baby, push your cock all the way inside me.” Once there I savour the feeling of his balls against me, I sigh finally content. “Now fuck my arse hard, give me a proper seeing to.” And he does! He fucks my arse like there is no tomorrow, my mind empties as he takes me to another place where there is no time. I rub my clit and orgasm again and again as he slides his long cock in and out of my arse. “I’m going to cum!” he says slightly alarmed, “Yeah baby cum inside my arse, I want to feel your hot cum in my arse now.” And he does…

We shower, I call a taxi for him. “So Bill was anal sex as good for you as it was for me?” I ask cheekily. “That was incredible Aliza, you are such a sexy girl. The only problem is that was so good I don’t think I’ll be able to date a woman who doesn’t like anal sex again.” I grin, safe in the knowledge that my work has been done.

NearFifty 50M  
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7/24/2006 11:46 am

Can I visit ? I'm an anal virgin, too ...

rm_bronco2111 47M

7/24/2006 11:53 am

great story, love anything about anal.

XylemIsaacHoler 49M
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7/25/2006 8:53 am

Wish to be next Bill.

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