Fuck You  

SexyT12078 50F
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6/30/2006 10:00 am

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7/21/2006 1:31 am

Fuck You

I really don't care about the point systen here all that much when it comes to the articles, but obviously some idiot bitch keeps disagreeing with me on every post I make. Listen here you hatin bitch, I'm ME and aint gonna change who I am for Nobody. You all can take your point bullshit and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Atelast I'm not one of them desperate motherfuckers who asks is this site for real? Do people really hook up on here, blah, blah ,blah....Guess what ya hatin bitches I have hooked up on this site. Had a hell of a good fucking time too, more than a few times!!!!!!! and am about to hook up again tomorrow. LUCKY ME
One thing my Momma once said that makes alot of sense. Let bitches talk their shit, it's when they stop talking that your not so important anymore.

marywannado 44F

6/30/2006 10:42 am

I think she likes ya...

VanillaKisses243 44F

6/30/2006 10:47 am

do you feel better now...seems like you needed to rant for a minute...WOW...hope you have a better day than you were having at the time of this blog.

newxl 38M

6/30/2006 11:18 am

can i have some?

swooness 36F

6/30/2006 12:02 pm

enjoy your sex hun! sounds like you need to get some pent-up aggresion out of ya

SexyT12078 50F

6/30/2006 12:28 pm

lol That could be true, but I guess I have to wait til tomorrow.
I'm sorry but it's just that the voting shit is bullshit. And some of these folks on here take shit too fucking seriously. So hey where's the motherfucking dumb bitch now to vote on this. oops, that's right, I took voting out of my blog. lol.

jsthfw49 68M
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7/6/2006 12:51 pm

what voting??? LOL voting? voting? we dont need no stinkin voting - sexyT12078 you look very sexy and have the most beautiful sexy deep eyes I have seen - you remind me - look very very much like someone I once knew a long time ago - its not you but you look just like her sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I still have a pic of her and if you saw it well you could almost be twins - sorry got lost in my thoughts there for a moment
your a 10 babe just for the eys alone!

SexyT12078 50F

7/6/2006 1:52 pm

Aww Thanks. How sweet

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