Your Free May Horoscope  

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Your Free May Horoscope

May 2006

Written by Lisa Lazuli Famed Radio Astrologer In The UK

05-01-2006 thru 05-31-2006

(These Horoscopes are the Intellectual Property of Lisa Lazuli)


Aries enjoy entertaining, especially when the event is family orientated and May will be a month when you can expect a hive of activity within your home environment: you will be entertaining and hosting parties. Aries are demonstrating great powers of attraction in May, not only in the sexual sense but in the sense that you will have the knack of drawing people into your circle who may be instrumental in helping you to achieve your goals. You will expend a vast amount of energy within your home as you are very set on having things ‘just so’, and fortunately with Mars Trine Jupiter things will go your way and progress quite smoothly.

Although you are in fourth gear on the home front, things at work are rather sticky and it is better to keep a low profile: try not to take the lead unless specifically required as your proposals could well end up being blocked.

Beware of compulsive behaviour during May: at times you may find yourself unconsciously driven to achieving something which you do not fully understand or consciously appreciate. Examine your motives before planning your course of action.

Be careful of lending money to friends or granting favours, if you do go ahead and oblige, you may well feel let down or taken advantage of.


On one hand with Mercury squaring Neptune in your Tenth house, May will be a very confusing and disorientating month, but a very valuable one if you can deal with the fear and confusion. Making good decisions will be hard as nothing is clear cut and subconscious insecurities may play a greater part in your reasoning than you are willing to accept. Be watchful of being deceived or undermined by a superior at work or any other authority figure.

Taureans have a strong ego which will be tested in May as many a time you will doubt yourself and your own personal power.

Taureans are celebrating their birthdays this month: birthdays are always a time when we tend to look back at the disappointments of the past year as well as the things we are proud of. As it has been said, ‘All comparison leads to unhappiness’ ‒ so live for yourself and be yourself as you are unique. Use this month to devise new ways in which you can express who you really are; be true to your own needs and your personality irrespective of what others are doing with their lives. Remember to listen to your heart, “What is essential is invisible to the eye, only the heart can see rightly”.

Trust your intuition and your heart in May. It will be a very active month, you will be full of ideas which you will express with vigour ‒ it is a good time for planning and selling your ideas, so excellent for those of you involved in PR, Advertising, Promos and the Arts. Just remember not to be stroppy.


Gemini are going to be hit by the ‘spend bug’! You guys are feeling rather optimistic and bullish about your finances and thus will be inclined to splash out. It wont all be gratuitous retail therapy, many of you will invest in new equipment (possibly state of the art ‒ as Gemini love to keep abreast of the latest gadgets and gismos) which will enhance your career or enable you to do your job more effectively ie. Laptop, palm top, new software, new business suit etc.

The confidence of Gemini stems from the expansive growth phase you are experiencing in your career and the new avenues and opportunities opening up at work. May is a great month for networking and arranging business conferences or organisational meetings ‒ Gemini really have the ability to work the room and establish many beneficial business contacts. Gemini are very adept communicators and are outstanding at handling people , these traits will serve you well this month.

Your intimate relationships will have a friendly quality and love may well spring out of platonic friendships. Either way you will experience more love and camaraderie with your partner.

This month you will have a knack of getting on a level with everyone you meet and being able to relate to different points of view ‒ this will help everyone you come into contact with to feel included and relevant which is part of your success.Don’t force anything and keep an open mind so that new ideas can take root.


May brings very favourable circumstances in career and professional life courtesy of Venus. The Boss is not out to get you ‒ quite the opposite, your relations with authority figures (including parents) will be agreeable and harmonious, not necessarily constructive though.

If you are Cancer and single you may find yourself attracted to an older person romantically, someone who can act not only as a lover but who can also guide and protect you…….Oh, so THAT is why the boss is so agreeable, if the boss does make a move on you…..never mind, I trust your integrity Cancerians.

Mars in your First house trine Jupiter in your Fifth has really got your pulse rate up and you are working with vigour and zest; you are keen to make an impression on those whom you deal with regularly and are not afraid to take the initiative and control ‒ things are really motoring. You are not inclined to be bossed around and are confident in standing your ground in all walks of life. You will find that your physical vitality and energy are high and you have the courage to be yourself and stand by your convictions ‒ this positive vibe you are projecting will aid you in all your dealings with other people.

If you work within a creative or artistic field, you may well make more money than usual in May.

Mercury square Neptune in your Eighth House may lead to misunderstandings over shared resources, assets, loans or finances (i.e. Joint accounts), so read the fine print, hide the cheque book and avoid any business dealings which are not cut and dried.


A sudden taste for something new has struck Leo; you are looking for a new creative direction and are yearning to broaden your perspectives. Leo may do this via travel to a new place or via an interest in a new form of art or activity you have not experienced before. There is an inner need to expand awareness by exposing yourself to new people and new ideas.

Your mental focus is very much career and the future as well as on your status needs. At work you are invaluable as a leader and co-ordinator this month, you will have high profile jobs and your input and direction will be indispensable. This is a great month for your leadership skills and authority to shine through at work. Recognition will come.

Although this is a mentally challenging yet rewarding time career-wise, your partner may feel rather neglected and even resentful of your focus at work. You may feel that he/she is unsupportive and you may both withdraw from each other. It will be a hard time to communicate, so you have to try very hard to be honest emotionally. It may be a case of weeding out unrealistic expectations and being more patient with each other.

Single Leos may yearn for companionship and support, but May is a good month to be alone, devote some time to yourself!


During May you will find that in your most intimate personal relationships, factors which you may not have been aware of, but which have been instrumental in determining the course of a relationship will come to the surface. You will have to recognise and address them. Venus in the Eighth House has a strong connotation of psychological evolution and confrontation: Love and relationships can be instrumental in teaching you more about yourself and how you relate to people and events.

May is a great month to formulate goals and actively pursue them, Jupiter is giving you a great boost in terms of optimism and long run planning ability. The goals you want to achieve can best be achieved if you work with and cooperate closely with others; although having said that it can be a challenge to coordinate your needs with those of others. People will look to you for guidance as you are the one with the big plans and ideas.

Jupiter in the Third will ensure that you expand your contacts within your immediate environment ‒ you will not have to look far to find opportunities.

You may well embark on a course or receive advanced training in your field. Travel, especially local travel is a distinct possibility. Learning is the theme for May ‒ however this could well mean that you are the one doing the teaching or imparting of advice. You really are feeling connected and seeing the BIG picture this month.


Watch out!! Librans are highly ambitious and driven this month. Libra have had a few rather dormant months, but now their batteries are charged and they are shifting through the gears fast. Libra can give the greatest impression of laziness or demonstrate the toughest work ethic: its all part of their unique balance. Libra will work extremely hard in May until they have achieved what they want. Although they are usually team players, this month independence and individual goals and effort take precedence. Libran energy is high and you will not take lightly to interference or any control from superiors. You can use your energy surge to impress your superiors, however they will still feel threatened.

Personal finances are looking good ‒ more money is on the way ‒ more than likely you will make an important purchase i.e. New car.

A great psychological sensation of control and power will help boost all Librans regardless of age and career status ‒ you will feel as if you have the power over your life this month: in fact we always DO have the power, but with power comes responsibility and we are not always willing and able to deal with that.

Romantically, relationships will be warm and harmonious. Love relationships will benefit from your confidence and will be more caring and giving. This is a very understanding time ‒ you will be intimately aware of the deeper facets within your relationships and find it easy to broach tender subjects and issues. Deep levels of understanding will be reached in all your close relationships.


Scorpio have itchy feet: you guys are yearning for something new, as suddenly everything familiar seems jaded and you are eager for an injection of excitement, challenge and novelty. Jupiter has aroused an expansive side of you, however with Venus in the sixth these cravings may have to be subordinated to the requirements of routine and daily obligations. Having said that, May is a good time for work and matters relating to career as you will have a congenial and productive relationship with colleagues as well as anyone you employ. May is a great month health-wise; although tasty, sweet and fattening foods may be more tempting than usual.

Practical everyday matters are important in May, but they will flow and be more enjoyable that you would expect. Scorpios have a great desire for travel at the minute and May is the ideal time to indulge that desire or to put your energies into mind expanding activities i.e. Learning or social projects. Expand your mind and welcome in new ideas ‒ holding on to old beliefs and ideas which no longer serve you is the greatest cause of inertia in your life. Life is only in a rut if the mind is stuck in a mind set. The expensiveness of Jupiter trine Mars in your Ninth are really encouraging Scorpio to push back the boundaries of their own thinking. Any change in life starts in the mind, be willing to embrace change and change will come, it’s an inside out experience. You cannot see changes in your life until they take root in your consciousness. So be open Scorpio and be surprised at what life offers you.


OK Sagittarians, be on the look out for conflict with people who have leverage or influence over you: this may take the form of battles with business partners, issues involving jointly held finances or loans. You may be forced to re-examine and modify your position, but the results will be positive and help may come from unexpected sources i.e. Government, institutions, professional bodies and even the police (not that I am implying matters will become that contentious), the moral is not to act in isolation but to take advice. Be careful not to use money wastefully, as that may lead to conflicts within marriage especially.

The hard part of May will be balancing your strong need for ego gratification and the demands for efficiency and routine (i.e. The rather boring stuff that needs doing). Fogginess and confusion and even mix ups and delays within your work and home life will keep adding to your work load. Try to make every action as to the point as possible. At work this is a good time to re-examine and redefine your techniques and procedures ‒ tighten things up a bit.

A very lazy indulgent side of you is fighting against the need to graft hard; you really do not feel on top of the heap this month, and you may have to work according to someone else’s wishes which can be very frustrating for the creative side of you which is bursting to come out.

May is a super month romantically: you may well meet new potential partners via your hobbies, so what better excuse to get out to the theatre, golf course or movies and relieve the mental aches and pains from work.


In close relationships be they marriage, parental or work there is often so much compromise that real complaints and grievances are not aired. Perhaps there IS actually a win win situation and maybe through better communication and some confrontation less compromise would be needed. May is a month of great opportunities for addressing lingering issues within your close relationships ‒ mop up any repressed grievances. This will be very positive, and will allow you to look ahead instead of at the past: when we don’t resolve a problem, we tend to repeat it ad nauseum. This is a great month to become aware if and to break that cycle. You may well find that there is a lot more common ground than you thought in your relationships (not only the intimate ones) .

Your hopes and wishes for the future will play on your mind in May, but you will also see that these goals are more easily achieved when you cooperate with others. You are not an island. Although I fully realise that Capricorn find it hard to trust others.

Capricorn have a very romantic and creative side and this will come to the fore strongly in May. As for the creativity, you may take a course which will teach you techniques to enhance you natural ability. Even the most gifted artists need techniques to focus their talents.

May is a positive month as you will feel free to express yourself and be yourself. Your primary drive is to do as you wish and to set your own parameters. You will be more drawn to escapism and fantasy than usual.


Aquarians are going to be throwing their energies into working hard and getting things done: not in a mood for procrastination, you are putting fun on hold and getting your noses to the grindstone. Aquarians will gain a great deal of pride and satisfaction from the sheer amount of work accomplished. May is a great month to start an exercise routine or to get more physical in general ‒ your body is craving rigorous physical activity (especially to balance the effort you are putting in at work and within your family commitments).

The good news is that your efforts and hard work will bear fruit in terms of recognition and long term goal/career achievement. Not all goals are career goals, many important goals and hard work take place away from the arena of the day job, especially if you happen to be Aquarius. A job or a career need not equate to your identity or self actualisation. A job maketh not the man. Public recognition may well result from hard work in other non-job spheres of you life.

In May Aquarians will feel as if they are getting ahead in terms of their own unique goals and values ‒ a very important standard indeed. Aquarians will have a strong drive to partake in social/political causes, but these ventures will in the main be both sociable and pleasurable as well as philanthropic.

Aquarians will experience a great deal of harmony within their day to day contacts and everyday environment ‒ perhaps this stems from taking more time to appreciate what you usually take fore granted.


Once again a great month for self actualisation and self _expression. Pisces are typically self denying and often feel martyrd, but you are feeling more and more confident and sure of yourselves this year ‒ thus in May you will not be inclined to self denial, discipline or postponing any gratification! This exuberance can manifest as excess spending with Venus in your Second House, so try not to make impulse purchases unless you are investing (rather than purely shopoholicing).May is a good month for wise investing and for financial negotiations.

Pisces’ usually latent competitive streak is aroused this month, you will have more than your fair share of confidence in your creative abilities and the knack of promoting yourself and being in the right place at the right time. Your self confidence and increased vigour will be evident in existing love relationships, although May is not a good month to start a new relationship.Children will keep you more than occupied this month, just as well your energy levels are high.

Whatever Pisces achieve in May (especially in terms of creativity) will have a marked effect on your overall morale and sense of divine purpose. During 2006 your self esteem and self worth are in the ascendancy and you are going from strength to strength.More than before Pisces are finding reason, meaning and purpose in life.

As far as our free horoscopes I am handing the helm over to our Astrologer Lisa Lazuli. She will be supplying weekly and monthly horoscopes from now on for 5 Star Psychic

Astrologer Lisa Lazuli is a professional radio astrologist in the UK with many years experiance. She is also a member of one of my many websites. I do have her full permission to use these anywhere I see fit too. If you would also like to use her horoscopes somewhere please email me via AdultFriendFinder and I will then ask her and let you know what she says. Thanks.

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