Just For Your Information What Are Psychics  

SexySultry46DDs 51
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12/14/2005 4:53 pm

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Just For Your Information What Are Psychics

For those people who keep messing with me about my profession let me explain something here and now. I'm a Psychic, not a - or - the God.

Psychics are not meant to fortell your future, Like some people on here who think they know everything, and don't know crap!

Psychics are meant to guide you on the current path you are on in a situation. Nothing more nothing less. Because free will which God gave to us areading can be 50-98.9% accurate never 100% if you change your path or the person involved in question changes their path the answers can change.
Psychics also have a hard time reading for thierselves because we will see what we want to see rather then what is really there.

I myself have had 34 years experiance in the psychic paranormal realm. Always remember fear and ignorance walk hand in hand. Learn about what your fearful of and not only will the fear vanish but you will no longer be ignorant of the situation either.

rm_Ptalk1155 35M
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12/14/2005 5:41 pm

Healthy skepticism is what I practice But, I believe in much of the so-called paranormal, and often find myself trying to explain scientifically what might be the cause.

Goldenhairgodess 64F
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12/14/2005 6:41 pm

An open mind, without descripancy, can be filled with nonsense. So if there is those who have doubts, then that is proof that they are not fools. At the same time, we have developed out thinking beyond the point of considering those claining to have psychic paranormal abilities as being witch's or having evil influences. So there is no cause to take it as a personal attack. It is not.

SexySultry46DDs 51
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12/14/2005 7:09 pm

God stated To not listen or follow false prophesies he didntsay not to listen to the ones who are truthful. If it is a gift given at birth how is it even if I am a God's Child? I am aindigo child ( one born with special capabilities) I am part native american, I almost died twice before I was 2 1/2 years old, Im a pisces which is the strongest of the zodiac signs for paranormal capabilites. I do not use my gifts to harm no one, I'm ethical and even have a site with information on psychic fraud practices to help keep the public safe from such vultures.

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