Gays Lesbians/ Is It AGainst God's Law?  

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4/29/2006 9:57 am

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Gays Lesbians/ Is It AGainst God's Law?

Ok I would like to say a few things about religious beliefs but trying to do it without knocking it. At least that isn't going to be my intentions.
In the Bible it so states that same sex relationships are wrong.
Well if it is so wrong why is it then found in nature? Some people may argue well they are animals with small brains and no no better.
Well heres the deal, if it is wrong why would God have any of his beloved creatures involved in same sex sexuality?

I'm not going to get into everything at this point I have found to be wrong with the Bible. ALl I'm going to leave with a last word in saying this. The bible has been written over and over many times, each author is going to place a part of himself into the information to make it his own creation. I do believe a lot of the bible is correct, but I also believe a lot of it has been manipulated by man to say what man wants it to say rather then what it was meant to be in the 1st place.
Example I used to be scared of the numbers 666 ( supposed mark of the beast). Well in numerology it is 3 x 6 =18 1+ 8 = 9 9 = completion

So then would it not follow that revelations which is the last chapter in the bible is the bibles completion not necessarily speaking of the end of the world?
Isn't God but supposed to be our heavenly father?
Doesn't parents only hold our hands for us to grow and then throw us out of the nest so we can learn on our own.Using our own free will to make our decisions?
I strongly feel revelations is but God kicking us out of the nest to utilize our free will to grow and become who we will become.

This is my opinion on things it may not be others or viewed in a good way by others. I do hope though that this will open up a discussion to others who would like to have their beliefs known. I do not feel anyone persons beliefs should be degraded or frowned down upon because their beliefs are what is right for them but maybe not for someone else doesn't necessarily make it wrong. So anyone making posts on this subject matter that does try to make nasty comments towards someone Else's belief will be deleted out of a mutual respect we should all have for one another's beliefs. I would appreciate to only have posts from others on here that just shows what they believe to be true for themselves. I myself consider myself to be a spiritual christian. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, but I also believe that there is a lot of other things out there that we cannot see but never less does exist.
We cannot physically see God or Jesus, if you really think about it they are basically stories. Yet they are stories we have faith in and believe in without for the most part questioning it. So then doesn't it also follow that there is other things ( spirits) and so forth out there that do exist in a time and space we may not all be able to see or understand? Food For Thought....
With Light & Love Always Pamela

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4/29/2006 11:47 am

I believe GOD loves everybody. I also believe the Bible was written by man NOT GOD. I also believe if woman would have written the Bible we would be reading an entirely different Bible.

Scooterbabe4u 81F

4/29/2006 12:37 pm

It is my (humble)opp that our creator made no mistakes, all that has life regardless of the shape of the cell was made perfect for the carrier of that cell, this includes us , trees, fur persons and flowers, no mistakes!!!. we with free will have put the poison in to the world by our fears and inability to see the good and bad in all and still accept all as we would our own off spring. No one says we have to like everyone or all they do, BUT acceptance, YES.

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